and the new face of Dooney is....

  1. *drumroll*

    Emma Roberts!


    Sorry, I did a copy and paste, don't know how to get rid of the links.

    But umm...their models are getting younger and younger.
  2. She's a doll. So much more class than the last "model"
  3. now i def. know now that dooney and burke is trying to target to tweens and teens with there new model(nothing aganist the model) i own several dooneys but i dont see myself buying dooney anymore
  4. ^^ agreed, she is a cute model but as a 39 year old I don't really identify with this. I have some 1990s AWL that I love, however.
  5. She is cute.
    Dooney definately targets that young audience but there still is some stuff for us "Old People". I just got my Vintage Double Pocket satchel today and I love it! This bag is BIG. Much bigger than it looks. It'll be great for everyday use.
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  6. She's cute. The bags are not my style though.
  7. HOW CUTE IS SHE?!:nuts: :love:
  8. I agree as well. Who they choose as there models says alot. :yucky:
    She is a cute looking girl tho. :flowers:
  9. WOW, my dd will be happy to hear that. She loves Emma Roberts. They should have a young model for the younger purses, and someone that we can identify with for the older purses. I'm 32. I can't see myself wanting to carry a bag that a young child is carrying.
  10. I'm glad it's her!
  11. I'm not a dooney fan but that ad looks good!