And The Kooba Gods Smiled.......

  1. Ok, I'm new but a long time lurker. I was just gifted with my first Kooba for my birthday (a bourban Jillian) by my boyfriend last Saturday. I immediatly fell in love with my Kooba. ( I can't stop smelling that bag!) I have Coach's, Dooneys, Furlas, MK's and the likes but the Kooba stole my heart.
    I posted here a few days ago for help to authenticate a few Koobas on eBay. Everyone was so helpful, but I admit I was ovewhelmed by how many fakes are out there, so I decided to stop in to the Bloomingdales in Boca Raton to check out the Koobas in person. I walked around and took it all in while checking out the latest styles (all the while handling and touching whenever possible). The Julia python was soooo beautiful, but and every $600 + tag I saw made me a little sad becausI knew they were out of my price range.
    A very nice SA (Carol ) spent so much time showing me the beautiful bags and told me about a sale next Wed 8-22 for 15% off. She then proceeded to offer to pre-sale me a bag (thank God I knew what that meant after hearing everyone here talk about it!) It was very nice of her, but that was still a lot of money. I walked around a bit more and just as I was ready to leave I saw a sale section. They had a lot Of Juicy, Kors, and some other types of bags, at great prices, but not for me. Just when I was ready to leave, at the end of the display I spot some Koobas. (Turns out they were a Nina in Black and Blond, A Meredeith in black and blond, and a Charlie in ivory) I looked at the prices and the Nina in blond was 348. I thought with the discount I might be able to swing it. I found Carol, and she started to price it on the register. She then said to me "Let me try something". She scanned some card, and lo and behold it was discounted 40%, then she proceeded to take off another that point I almost fainted and I told her "You know I saw a black bag over there, let me go get it" I practicly RAN to the display and stumbled back with the Ivory Charlie on one arm and the Black Meredith on the heart was racing. She told me "Let's see how they ring up"....Meredith 469.99 minus 188.00 minus 42.30.....Meredith 459.99 minus 184.00 minus for 2 bags 474.28, 30.83 tax FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF be picked up Wed 8-22...OMG I WAS IN SHOCK! It still hasn't sunk in. Those bags are so beautiful. I've read about the Charlie's and I know Ivory is a light color, but the leather is unreal. I can't wait. I am so happy. Thanks everyone for all of your help. I'm sure there will be more Koobas down the road. Just have to save some $$$$$$ now. :yahoo:
  2. Lizardo...what a sale story!!!! And no one deserved it better than a brand new Kooba lover that needed a break. You got 3 great bags!!! Welcome and join in the fun.
  3. Wow, you thought you couldn't afford one and ended up with two - what a great story. You must be over the moon, and rightly so. You're gong to get a lot of enjoyment out of your three Kooba bags, which are great choices. Cherish those babies.
  4. Wow!!! What a fantastic story!

    I'm so happy for you and for finding such treasures at the last minute. My heart would have been racing too! ;)
  5. Stories like that just thrill me!!! What a fabulous afternoon! I love that. Congratulations!!!! :yes:
  6. woooow..that's a really nice shopping...sometimes SA use their own discount coupons/cards,which sent to certain customers..sometimes they use it w/o your asking,other times if you ask they do it for you..and other times if they are unfriendly they just don't
    you are a lucky girl :smile:
  7. A plum coffer? You'll be saving a while. Gorgeous bag. I received black one as an anniversary present last year from hubby. I love it.
  8. Thanks so much for that infoJ ustified. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what happened. I kept thinking it was a sale that ended the previous week, but that was for 1/2 off, then I kept thinking maybe she used a shoe sale discount. At this point I just feel grateful. She was so nice and took my info and put it into her book (on computer) and told me if I want she will keep an eye out for something special I am looking for. (as yet to be decided on) :smile:
  9. Yahoo!! She's scoooooorrrrreeess!! Great story!
  10. Wow, how fabulous! My heart was racing as you ran back for the other bags, while the SA added it all up, LOL (don't need to go shopping, get all the thrill of it here!)

    Congratulations on scoring such a great deal, I absolutely love the Ivory colour, impractical and fragile, but too beautiful!:heart:
  11. YAY!!!!!!! That is SOOOOOOO awesome!!!!! Dont you just love it when you get a great deal!? Congrats!
  12. Congrats!! There are really no Koobas to be found in Canada...grrrr.