And the Inferno obsession grows...

  1. I knew I loved Inferno from pictures, but I wasn't prepared for how much I would really love it in person until my Gioco came.

    So I just bought an Inferno Bambinone!! I have always wanted a bag in that style, and there was one on eBay with all my favorite guys on it, so I had to have it.

    LOL, my hubby just loves conversations that begin with "Would you divorce me if I bought another bag?" But he came back with "You can get the bag, if I can get the new scope I want for my hunting rifle that costs the same amount..."

    See, it's all about the negotiation!! :roflmfao:

  2. hehe yea, my man & i have our own obsessions. mine is MAC makeup & purses.. his is his car & rifle :p
  3. congrats sisterblue!! hehe yup its all about negotiating :smile:
  4. LOL I found an inferno bambinone on shoptokidoki that I loved, and I bought that, too (after my :heart: for my inferno ciao~)... I am selling my arancia mamma mia to pay for it... djflsdkjf I am SO excited to get mine in the mail!! :yahoo: Our stories are quite similar :p
  5. I decided that I'm going to return my Spiaggia Stellina to Macy's to make up for the Inferno Bambinone. I've only carried it a couple of times and it's in perfect condition. It's the only bag I have that I don't absolutely LOVE, kwim. It was my first bag, and I feel affection for it for that reason, but I didn't really understand print placement when I bought it, so it has some random boobage and cut off heads. And I haven't fallen in love with Spiaggia like I have with Inferno, Famiglia and Pirata.

    So I'm easing some of my shopping guilt!! :rolleyes:

  6. :heart: infernos... its love i tell you xD
  7. You just bought an inferno bambinone on shoptokidoki? I just sold an inferno bambinone on shoptokidoki. Coincidence? Lol ;)
  8. inferno is an awesome print. i only have a infero bocce, but searching eBay for the perfect inferno print/bag.

    it truly is about negotiation! I use other tactics to justify my bag purchases :sneaky:. the Power of Persuasion! Gotta :heart: It!
  9. did you keep the tags on while carrying it? or do they let you return it anyway?

    yea, i've put a few of my bags up for sale to compensate my tutti purchase. also selling my CR campeggio to keep a cheaper one & perhaps get one in adios star.
  10. Ahh, I wish I could negotiate with my boy when it comes to purses. He and I share some of the same obsessions though, like building computers and networks. He isn't unsupportive of my purse and toys fetishes though, his stance is that I can buy whatever I want with my own money as long as I pay my share of the bills first. This hasn't become an issue (...yet? :sweatdrop:)
  11. YES hahaha that was totally me buying it from you!! :p
  12. I kept the tags, but they weren't still attached. They will just put new little plastic hangie things on. Still had the ball chain and the square tags, of course, and the receipt.

    It's funny, because I knew it was a return when I bought it (it already had the Macy's sticker on the tag) and it was the last one then. Now that poor bag has been bought and returned, they had another Spiaggia Stellina there that wasn't there a couple of days ago, so that was must have been returned too.

    I didn't even LOOK at the placement on that other one, I just calmly walked away... :wtf:

  13. Inferno is sooo cute! I really want an inferno print. xD
  14. aww, how sad! it must feel so unwanted :p hopefully the next person who gets it will get it for a good deal & not want to take it back.
  15. good plan, love it...Inferno if my fav too!