And the Gucci Goodies continue.....

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  1. I got a fantastic deal on this Gucci Tote through the web site -- I received a 15% off one-time use coupon and then opened up a Saks Card and was able to get an additional 10% off!

    In any case, I thought this would be the perfect bag for when I go to the beach during my Hawaii vacation and when I stroll around Honk Kong this March.

    More pics in the next post....
    Gucci Tote.jpg Gucci Tote2.jpg Gucci Tote3.jpg Gucci  Tote4.jpg Gucci Tote5.jpg
  2. Here are the other pics...
    Gucci Tote6.jpg Gucci Tote7.jpg
  3. Great bag...Great deal!!! Congrats & Enjoy! :heart: Emmy