And.. The Face Dental Review!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    So I had ASO and Genioplasty done. I'm just gona get straight to the point :smile:

    Oh and I'm an Esthetician myself, so I am absolutely picky about providing my own clients with the best service, so ofcourse I will judge every little thing possible at my chosen clinic very professionally.

    TFD Pros

    - Reasonable pricing based on my case
    - Natural change in face
    - Nice doctor
    - Revisions given if needed

    TFD Cons

    - Had to repeat 10 times that I need genioplasty regardless of ASO. I'm not like Asians where I can have great lips and a good profile after the ASO surgery alone. No. I have big lips that also protrude my mouth, so obviously I need to slide my chin forward because a) I need to prevent lip drooping (due to these big lips) and b) I have naturally cubby cheeks, I can't stop losing weight, literally if I eat two meals a day I will get fat in my face, and as I get older it gets worse! Therefore I need A LONGER chin. Despite these two important factors I've explained, Dr. Lee still chose to minimally move my chin, basically he only elongated it (which fixed the length of my face and makes my face look skinnier) but did NOT move it forward (to fix my damn big lips from drooping, I literally have to stay a bit concious still when opening my mouth.

    -Anesthetic team bruised my arm from injecting into wrong place, and they were in a rush as if I just got shot and rushed into emergency.

    -The sinks were dirty a couple times, and as an esthetician that's a NO NO.

    - They literally need to use rubber tips on their dental tools AFTER the surgery to prevent pain. That's the only thing that hurt so bad.

    Post Surgery Care

    - Take dry cough medicine for the gas drying out your throat
    - Buy a huge SYRINGE and mini blender!! You will die due to the fact that you can't eat anything but liquids during the first two weeks.
    -Third week STOCK UP on instant noodles, they are a life saver.


    - Be as specific as you can before going into surgery, you know your face more than anyone, especially if you've been analyzing it for 10+ years.

    When I got to Korea I got a fever, diarrhea, literally everything the first week, I was a dead corpse. So it lead me to postpone my surgery. So I obviously needed it done asap due to the time limitI i had for my stay in korea. So doing things quickly, made me lose my train of thought in the details and giving specific instruction.

    - Keep consulting at many other places to go with your gut feelings.


    8/10 so far

    I still need an upperlip lift to balance my face. ASO surgery literally shrinked my upper lip.

    I will leave my chin I guess, I don't want any nerve damage in the future due to a revision.
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  2. Omg, thank you so much for your review, MissNewFace! This is exactly what I needed to read, especially from a fellow aesthetician :smile: (I totally related to you when you mentioned something about their sink being dirty haha) Our concerns are pretty similar too.

    I’ll be going to Seoul this July to correct my slightly protruding mouth and weak chin (although I've had a chin implant for 8 years to camouflage this). It’s such a small protrusion but it bothers me a lot cause I can’t seem to close my mouth without a little bit of strain. My philtrum looks long too but I’m afraid to do an upper lip lift because my upper teeth already show at rest and it might make it even more difficult to close my mouth. So I thought maybe I can address these issues by undergoing ASO and genioplasty after the doctor removes my chin implant and an upper lip lift a few weeks/months after. So I’m pretty much wanting to undergo the same surgeries as you just did, so I hope you don’t mind me asking a few questions.

    I consulted with TFD among many other clinics. I was in touch with the doctor directly. He recommended Two-Jaw surgery over ASO if I don’t want to have braces again (I had braces 10 years ago). But he said both procedures would give me similar results. But I’d have to show him my X-rays and other exams in person. During consultation, did Dr. Lee show you simulations of what your face will look like post surgery? Did you consult in person with other clinics as well?

    I read that ASO is less invasive and there’s less swelling and the recovery time is faster so I’m leaning towards ASO, if given a choice. Can you attest to this? How did it feel right after the surgery? How quickly did the swelling subside? Did you experience any numbness or nerve damage? Generally, what was the recovery like? Only if you don’t mind elaborating, of course :smile:

    Also, one of the things I’m really concerned about is looking toothless or having a nutcracker face especially considering my protrusion isn’t so prominent. I already have a long philtrum so I’m afraid I’m going to look so old. Do you think your upper lip and other facial muscles sagged after ASO? Has your smile and speech changed post surgery?

    Thank you so much again for your review, MissNewFace… It really helps people like me who are anxious/ excited about surgery and doing our best to gather as much info about the procedures. :smile:
  3. Hey!

    Sorry for the latevreply. Yes Dr.Lee did show the simulation, and I asked him to adjust it the way I want (which was bringing the chin forward as well to correct the drooping lip which unfortunately he fid NOT do).

    Yes ASO is b invasive for sure. Right after surgery I didn't feel pain, but I felt very uncomfortable, I literally felt like that I don't want anyone to ever go through this lol, but it's honestly not a painful feeling. For me the swelling was very minimal luckily, and it went down alot after a week. But 3 weeks later it will fluctuate. Yes my lower lip is still numb. So I don't know about nerve damage yet, but my sensations are slowly coming back. One side heals quicker for some reason. And you can't fully smile for 4 weeks. Overall recovery was great, I didn't have any problems accept for the pain as I mentioned right after surgery when waiting the 4 hours for water. Oh and right after surgery you will feel nauseous at one point and want to puke.

    Nothing sagged for me after ASO due to my chubby cheeks and elongation of chin. My smile however did change, I used to have a very nice smile, but honestly it's getting better so I can't judge yet. You need 3 months until you see the final results. Because you already have a long philtrum, and light protrusion you may want to consider other alternatives. If you want you can send your photos to me and I can have a look and see what you can do. I'm very picky so I can analyze and help you with your options :smile:

  4. Hi MissNewFace, I too am interested in doing ASO. Can I ask if you had braces before and do you need braces now/in future? My teeth are slightly crooked and I intend to do braces so I'm wondering should I do ASO first or braces first? Btw, can I know how much did you pay for the surgery and how long did you stay in Korea? Hope to see your reply soon and you may pm me if you prefer to do so. Thanks in advance!