And the addiction continues...!

  1. New loot:

    Since I LOVED the perfume print stuff since I laid my eyes on it, I HAD to have everything I could get!

    Perfume print bandeau:


    Gorgeous wristlet:


    Pink and white handbag charm for Breast Cancer Awareness month:


    Group pics including scarf:


  2. cute!!! I love that print also. Its so pretty and girly....:tispy:
  3. Cute!
    I really like the wristlet!
  4. Very cute!
  5. adorable!!!! Glad you got the collection! U should get the perfume and body lotion!!!!
  6. That is such a cute and feminine pic!
  7. That is such a cute and feminine scarf!
  8. Lucky! I've been wanting the perfume ponytail scarf forever. Great collection.
    May I ask where did you get your purse charm from?
  9. I got lucky and got one off eBay. :biggrin:
  10. wow... I never gave this print much thought but now that I see your pix, I absolutely love it! very adorable! :heart:

  11. I'm actually planning on buying the perfume and body lotion the next time I go to the mall :smile:

    IS Coach perfume sold at Macys?
  12. Yeah!! :tup:
  13. Cute!
  14. Ooh I love the scarf... so cute.. and the wrislet and the little purse accessory for your phone.. Yeah I love all of them :nuts:

  15. No. The Coach beauty collection is sold exclusively at Coach boutiques or
    I can tell you this - I put the perfume on at 6 am and at 8 pm I am still getting comments from people on how good it smells. :supacool: