And so if I want a bit of "Glitz"

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  1. So, okay I fell in love with a platinum Lily that was too heavy and I could not afford with a matching legacy platinum wallet with a gold turmlock and legacy yummy lining. Yep, I know the Lily is too much money, more than my budget will ever allow besides the weight. I then spied a platinum Sophie, more to my price and maybe thought to get the wallet as well, but do I need the wallet when I have the gray garcia with pink lining??? I am thinking options here, affordable ones for my coach credit cannot buy these great older bags that is coming. Options are the bridget in platinum, the sophie, or the lily...bearing in mind comfort, looks and style . Looking for my last HG bag until the summer. Then self imposed BAN...Thoughts are appreciate by all of you that have these bags. Tooth still hurts and trying to distract myself. Thanks for opinions!!!
    Lynn :confused1:
  2. The Bridgit in Platinum is adorable, but it's a tiny bag - more of a clutch really - I had one, but ended up returning because I own a ton of clutches and it was too small for me to use as a day bag, but if small bags work for you, that is a great choice. The Sophie is nice because it's large enough to hold a lot, but not ginormous and I like the long strap on that bag. ITA with you that while the Lily is gorgeous, it's extremely heavy and I didn't buy that bag just for that reason - same reason I returned the Gigi and the Luci I got - just too heavy w/ my stuff in them. Now, that plat wallet w/ the turnlock - I still regret not buying that - it's fabulous!
  3. Thanks, I agree, I have an older satchel ( not Coach, but cute, copy of Balengiaga and I like it, but I must be a bit of a bag snob) for Coach still pulls me. I can figure out the Sophie..but cannot justify another wallet like I cannot justify a whiskey ali after buying a brown legacy shoulder bag that I love and did not sell a really pretty camel slim flap. Color only concerns. Pretty bag. I have several wallets and do not change them thinking about this very carefully. I would get my beloved Ali, but she is so heavy..compared to the slim flap and shoulder bag...sigh...Since this is my last Hoorah, I might as well make some good choices..right???:yahoo:
  4. Ahhhh, the age old "wallet" dliema! My SA's at the outlet know to not even try and sell me on one! They used to try and I forced them to GIVE IT UP! This is what I did...I bought ONE wallet. It's black signature with black leather and I never chnage it. Black goes with everything so I'm never mis-matched! Plus I almost always have a matching wristlet for my bag and they are much more affordable! My wallet houses things I don't use but must have with me...DL, ins cards etc. My wrsitlets are for the good stuff that I'm always getting into, cash, coin, coupons etc!

    Buy the bag that's most comfortable and just get a matching wristlet! That's my vote! That way you've got a matching set and don't have to stress the cash end of things!

    PS~ I feel for you and your tooth! Mine were perfect until I hit 19..then it was all down hill!!! I'm thinking of you! Did doc hook you up with some pain med's??? I can't take them because I'm a recovered addict! (to pain med's)
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    I viewed your collection early this AM, and I LOVE IT ALL. I ended up with 3 wallets that sort of came with the bags??? One was a gray with the Garcia shoulder tote that is lined with my favorite pink and was a gift, One came with the Camel slim flap, sort of, and one siggie black small was too good a bargain and came home from the outlet with a gold small lurex that followed in her footsteps. for dressware...ha ha ha. (DH and I never go out dressy) I do not change my wallet at all, only if I wear a little bag. Since I love pink, I got what my SA was carrying 3 years ago. It is a leather two toned pink inside and plum/purple outside. That wallet and leather has lasted me forever and has great compartments and capacity . Changing wallets is something that I do not do often. Thank you for that. I never paid full price for a coach wallet. I do have some wristlets that really do not match a thing..outlet bargains. I do have a new pink Penelope capacity wristlet . That one is like a clutch for I really do not need another bag, unless it is color like teal or rose. I have been toying with this platinum idea since I saw a platinum Lily that I loved that was simply gorgeous, with a matching wallet, but it is so heavy for me and truthfully, I cannot afford it.
    Thanks for asking about my teeth. I have really had such a hard time with them. and I am highly allergic to most medicines and so I am a doctor's nightmare to dose when I need them. Even makeup is sensitive at times. I seem to be allergic to air. I had 5 impants done last year out of state where my kids live..and that was a total nightmare. I was terrified, but I had IV IV painkillers at all, I had my front teeth capped 3 times over my lifetime and all were not done correctly. This time I lost a tooth after all the implants and word was finishedwhen tje tooth fractured because of trauma on grinding. It was pulled four months ago and this week, it was replaced. The latest in the tooth saga. I was just upset this time. I did not get IV sedation or any pain killer in the IV at all. I took Darvon and 2 tylenol afterwards immediately..for you are numb during implants like pulling a tooth with injections. The Darvon just made me so loopy and I seemed to sleep for 15 minutes at a time. I did not see DH and called him on my cell and he was in the bedroom on his cell phone... ha ha ha and the funny part is he is a retired dentist that is allergic to latex...trying to calm me down. That medicine is badness...Nope, no addictions to pain killers at all, allergies to much of the good things. My sister does have a major addiction to pain killers though...Me, well what can I say, I am HERE, lol...and in excellent company!!!.:yahoo:
  6. Can i ask you guys what HG means? I feel like i should know.
  7. I'm pretty sure it stands for "Holy Grail" but I'm not 100% positive. But pretty sure.. lol
  8. You are exactly right!