And she's here from Orlando

  1. Just arrived now and as pretty as I had hoped she would be.

    Taking my son to see Good Charlotte in concert tonight so probably not the best debut outing.

    I will post modelling pics later:

    dior romantique 1.jpg

    dior romantique 2.jpg
  2. thats pretty.... how much did you pay for?

  3. uuuuu not bad ! but did you really need another bag, chic?:confused1::s

    just kidding just kidding, the bag is fab and i know you will rock it ! :supacool:
  4. $435 plus $100 shipping
  5. Thanks hun

    You can talk, bag/shoe fetish queen herself :tender:
  6. Oh you got your bag! Well done :p :yahoo:
  7. Shipped on Thurs, arrived today.

    It was here within 2 days but because of the weekend I had to wait till today:okay:
  8. so cute - congrats!
  9. Love it Congrats!!1
  10. OMG :drool: I am soo in love i with it!! Congrats Chic!!!
  11. Very pretty!! Enjoy!
  12. Thanks gals, going to go and tumble into bed those madden boys from good charlotte wore me out :wtf: (yes i am just kidding).
  13. nice:graucho:
  14. love it, so cute. congrats!
  15. Cute ;)