... And she's back! I found a Pebble, Lilac and Tomato in my Balenciaga Garden

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  1. Well, well, well - look what the cat dragged in. :biggrin:

    Most of you remember my terrible attempt at being "bal-content" about a few months ago. I'm done with that silly phase of denial and am back in action with these beauties to share!

    If I ever attempt to be contented ever again; I give you full authority to internet slap me back to our little reality here. :noggin:

    2007 Tomato Red City, from one of our very own:



  2. :drool:
  3. Wait a second, what's this? A rare and oh-so-beautiful Lilac?!

    What? When? Wherever did you find this? It's almost 5 years old now!

    2004 Lilac First - also from one of our very own:



  4. Okay, enough with the antics and stories! I love this freaking bag! Look at this bag, look at this color!

    My mom has the exact same bag and it drove me nutts with envy everytime I saw her.

    I had to have a Pebble of my very own:

    2009 Galet City: from the amazing leather-bag-picker, Erica:





  5. I, too, am often in denial!

    LOVE your bags--absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy!
  6. They are all gorgeous bags. I really like the Galet city. It is beautiful! Makes me want to get something in the Galet color.
  7. did u clean the handle? it looks great! now i'm starting to regret selling this bag :nuts:
  8. RERE, you are really lucky with all your new bbags!!! congratulations!
    love the color of tomato & lilac, love the leather on the galet! enjoy them as much as you can!

    i am still finding a RED twiggy!!!
  9. I LOVE the leather on your Galet and Tomato, and your Lilac is beyond gorgeous. Congrats!
  10. Beautiful! The tomato is mouthwatering. And the lilac...well....I don't really need to say anything at all, do I? :P
  11. Aw.... I just love that pix of Lilac and Tomato together. Very happy pix.

    The leather of your Galet looks amazing. I have one coming too this week. I hope mine will be just like yours.

    Your post's ever encouraging. ;) I'm going on a ban now. ;) Until June next year, that's my goal, or should I say until the release of F/W 10? ;)
  12. We're Tomataaa Sistaaas Rere! :greengrin: Love love all your new pieces -- you've got great taste lady! You were quiet for a while... but not for long! You were busy :graucho:
  13. I love it...Balenciaga garden... :biggrin: I love all three of these additions!!!! :yahoo:
  14. xoxo aka "E" - don't regret it! She went to a good home, I love using this bag on the weekends when I need less stuff. :smile: I cleaned the handles with AG Cleaner, and then protected them with LMB's Pro-Treatment. But even before that, the handles were only a little patina as you had mentioned. Thank you again for my Lilac. :yes:

    cate14 - tell me about it! I have had enough though, I'm gonna let the crazy take me over.

    - thank you! You should have a Galet piece to go with all the amazing things you've recently purchased. ;)

    meganka - you have good bbag karma, I'm certain you'll find yours soon enough.

    Moonstarr, candace - thanks ladies!
  15. Ha! No, you really needn't say much. Your Lilac flower is much bigger than mine. :graucho: