and PICS of my 04 white with silver hardware...

  1. Here it is!
  2. It's beautiful! I love white bags with silver hardware the most. :love: And the leather looks so nice!
  3. Wow! The silver looks amazing on the white! And for an older bag - the condition is craaazy! Looks great!
  4. OMG!!!! The silver looks so great on the white !!!!Congrats Powder and Enjoy this Beauty !!!!!!!!!
  5. powderpuff!!! it's gorgeous :drool:
    the leather's so lovely
  6. I love the white with silver hw.
  7. That is beautiful! So clean, looks like great leather.
  8. Super pretty bag!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!
  9. awesome bag! so how do you like it powderpuff> How's the condition? It's pretty!
  10. :love: :heart: :love:... :drool:
  11. That is beautiful and it looks so clean! Congratulations!!!
  12. gorgeous!!! the condition is amazing! wow!

    ok I think I have a crush now.
  13. Love it :heart: Congrats, Powder ;o)
  14. Thanks everyone. I like it, but not as much as the Calcaire. I already have 2 white bags so the thrill was a little less than the Calcaire which is such a girly pale pink. Of course the leather is fabulous and smooshy compared to my two '06 white bags. I was surprised at the shape it was in. No wear to the corners at all. The handles were a tiny bit dirty but they cleaned right up with Apple cleaner. It was just surface dirt, not hand oil darkening. One of the buckles on the front is a little dirty and it didn't come off. The stap is perfect, brand new. I don't think whoever had this used the strap and only carried it a few times.
  15. Oh gosh! It looks beautiful and brand new! Congrats!