And, one more

  1. Cause file size was too big to get both, he's getting potty trained, a bath every day, and neutered on Friday... doing good with the family:yahoo:
    Post Louis & Buster 014.jpg
  2. So cute! Thanks for sharing....glad he is fitting into the family well!
  3. Awww he is so cute!! Do he and the doggy get along well?
  4. They do!!! I wuv him!
  5. OMG..what an adorable cuutee V.
  6. So cute with your little black pug!
  7. so cute! :smile:
  8. Haha, that is just adorable! :biggrin: TY for sharing! :yes:
  9. Oh wow, so cute!
  10. OMG they are sooo cute! Lil´snugglepuffs!
  11. Louie is so adorable.
  12. Thanks ya'll. I just read that I shouldn't have posted this. Maybe I should have put a bag in the photo, but it was hard enough to get those shots... thanks for looking!