And Once Again The Gloating Begins

  1. I was driving around in my new 2008 Range Rover Sport. you know just for the sake of it. lol and i dropped by Barney's New York in Beverly Hills so i decided to drop by despite my hideous attire. (juicy sweats and a ron herman free city t shirt) i looked like i hopped out of bed. lol but either way i went in telling myselfnot to buy anything. not even a hair tie. but of course the act of going is already saying "im in heaven go buy something" anyways so i bought a SGH Black Hobo. to cut short. the pictures...

  2. LOL, too funny! But congrats, the bag is gorgeous!
  3. that's a great bag.
  4. My sister & I were there yesterday!! Great bag.. & cOngrats :yes:
  5. Girl you are on a roll. :nuts:Congrats on another beauty.:yahoo:
  6. i can't get over how beautiful SGH looks.... definitely gotta get an SGH!! congrats!!
  7. If I was ever forced to buy a Giant hardware bag, it would definitely be black with SGH, it's beautiful, congrats!
  8. this bag style looks fantastic with SGH! congrats!
  9. It's ok to gloat! We each get our spot of fame! It's a gorgeous bag!!!
  10. beautiful! love the color and hardware combo
  11. gorgeous!!!
  12. Everytime i see this color combo, it brings me thisclose to getting something new :smile:
  13. Gloat away sister that is a Fab bag! the hobo is my favorite!
  14. Gorgeous! Congratulations!!!!
  15. Beautiful!!!! Bbag shopping is so much fun.........and your a roll! Congrats!