and of course the second thoughts come to mind..

  1. :shrugs: i just bought that green leather wristlet, and i love it, cute subdued color, not very common, i really do love it. but then i JUST remembered lol like seconds ago remembered that i wanted to pick up that suede wristlet when it comes out in august ( i figure it wont be such a loss if the suede gets a bit beat up on a wristlet vs. a bag) and i would use the suede wristlet for the same uses as the apple green leather one so.. what should i do?:shrugs:
  2. get both!
  3. You can always use it for something else. I'd hold onto the one you just got and wait until the new one comes and see if you want to keep both.

  4. lol and that would be the logical thing to do and therefore i didnt even think about that.. if i do keep this then i guess i should get the red suede instead of flint then right? since id be keeping the green leather?
  5. I would get both !!
  6. Teehee, decisions! I would say yes. Keep the green right now and when the new ones come out, go see it in person. Worse that can happen, you have to return the old one or maybe you'd keep both!
  7. i agree :flowers:
  8. Agree!