And Now.. For The Unveiling Of My Ultimate Hg..2 Years In The Making

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  1. MY DAMASK COURIER!!!!!!!!!!!!


    as you all know (from my very big, loud and annoying signatures) i have been tirelessly and desperately searching for anything damask esp. cities and couriers....

    and FINALLY I FOUND BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well kind of..

    The courier arrived yesterday thanks to a beautiful dear friend of mine who found a BRAND NEW one buried away in a little consignment store in Bangkok and it is AMAZING! (pictures to follow)

    My city however, ordered three months ago, is stuck in Australian customs, but will one day be mine if i can ever get it out...

    anyway here are some lovely pics of the bag, modelling shots to follow another day,
  2. Congrats on finding your ultimate holy grail!!! :yahoo: What a sweet friend you have :love:
  3. and just for fun... here is the picture that started it all, my bbag obsession and the bag that ruled my life from 06 until now....

  4. OOoh... those 2 yrs.. paid off!! cOngrats~!! :woohoo:
  5. :flowers:Congrats, such a unique bag. Do we need to picket Oz customs?:graucho:

    Free Liz's City:dots::greengrin:
  6. Congrats, such a cool and timeless colour combo! Hope to see the pics soon!:heart:
  7. Oh my gosh, that is AMAZING! Can't wait for modeling pictures!!! Congrats congrats!!!!
  8. Oooo i like it. Congrats
  9. it's a beauty liz! can't wait to see your city together with the courier! congrats!
  10. Congratulations!!! Well worth the wait!!!
  11. Huge congrats on finally finding your HG!:yahoo: And hopefully customs will release your damask city soon!
  12. I am sooo happy for you!!!! It's amazing! And I am sending "get out of customs!" thoughts for your city!

  13. Congratulations on finding your HG, it's beautiful! Will you post some modeling pics if you get the chance?

    I hope you get your city soon!
  14. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it, enjoy :wlae:
  15. Wow! That's fantastic you finally found one! I can't wait to see your modeling pics! BTW, I just saw a gold tag pop up on the bay.