And now for something completely different news wise (could be offensive to some)

  1. OK - well at least its not another gruesome/sad/heartbreaking news story :lol:,25197,23032131-12377,00.html

    Masturbators come together in Copenhagen

    From correspondents in Denmark | January 10, 2008

    HOT on the heels of San Francisco and London, Copenhagen is to host a masturbate-a-thon in May which organisers hope will help break lingering taboos about self-love.
    Pia Struck Madsen, a sexologist in the Danish capital, said her goal was to see men and women from all backgrounds join an event that promised "pleasure, relaxation and sexual self-discovery".
    "Masturbation is positive, safe and an erotic alternative," she said ahead of the event on May 31, to take place at a yet to be decided venue with separate rooms for men, women and those who don't mind mingling.
    The original masturbate-a-thon took place in San Francisco in 1998, with participants raising money for good causes.
    Now an annual event, it was followed by a similar event in London in July 2006.
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  4. LOL:nuts: yeah I think I've had enough of the greusom stuff to last me a lifetime.
  5. Come one???
  6. HAHAHAHHAHA heck yes!!!! I love love love this.
  7. ^^^ Yes, Charles, I got it.
  8. First, in a way this is GREAT, but masturbation is such a PRIVATE thing to me that the idea of being in a room full of other masturbating women?!??! OMG!!!

    It's really funny. I was a peer educator for sexual awareness and sexual assault in college, and then worked in residence halls and RA training for years and most recently taught a sexuality course to 14 and 15 year olds (Our Whole Lives - and it's not the "abstinence crap the schools feed kids, but REALLY talking about sex in an age appropriate way, of course).

    So, I have NO PROBLEM talking about sex and DH and I have a very good sex life and we both know that the other masturbates and have not problem with that... but still??? For me, it's PRIVATE and Dh feels the same way... wonder why that is for us? Go figure!

    BTW... I will NEVER forget the look my best friend gave me when I told her that her idea of a man learning to please her was a bad idea (she was still a virgin and close to 30). I told her that she needed to start mastubating so she knew what she liked and didn't like and what felt good and what didn't and so then she could tell that to her partner... However... a year later, she thanked me for the "sex" advice... why is it so darn taboo for women especially to do it or even talk about it!
  9. Okay. Clearly some people--as in anyone who would enter into this contest--have WAY too much time on their hands.
  10. ^^ That ain't all they have on their hands...
  11. I think this masturbate-a-thon has been a long time coming :lol:
  12. Oh, the puns, the puns....

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    This one made my day!! A nice break from the bad stuff!!!

  14. ... always brings out the people in the cheap seats Speedy.;)
  15. So many puns can be made from this... love it!