And now for something a little different!

Oct 3, 2007
As a lover of turquoise, I kept going back to the online pictures of the Outdoor Messenger in "Green" from the men's line. I was saddened by the fact that this beautiful color wasn't offered in a Speedy or some other bag in the women's line. I just wasn't sure that I could bring myself to carry something from the other side of the store. Not to mention the picture online really does look more green. But after thinking about it for quite a while, it seemed like this bag might have the potential to fill a spot in my collection. Something to carry on hikes and concerts perhaps? I have decided there can be many occasions for this beautiful/handsome ;) bag!

Introducing my Outdoor Messenger in Green, but really more turquoise! My turquoise V accessories fit perfectly and are a great match :smile:

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