And now for another question......

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  1. It's raining here. Actually, it's freaking POURING!

    What bag do you use when it's raining so much that even an umbrella is almost useless?
  2. definitely not a H bag. my goyard.....
  3. I've gotten to the point where I'm okay with bringing the 35cm Black Togo out in general, but if we're talking Flood City, I have a Marc Jacobs black patent tote and bowler I bring out for said occasion. The tote survived 3 days of downpour in NYC without any issue-it's definitely coated with something akin to Teflon!
  4. Sounds like I need to break out Mom's Mono Speedy. That thing has seen WEATHER!!!!
  5. Garden Party. That thing withstood a hurricane.
  6. hmmmmmmm........the Toile/Leather combo, HG? Was looking at the all leather one not too long ago and passed on I could kick myself.
  7. My Goyard...the thing is waterproof I swear.
  8. I use my Coach bags for this weather. :shame: Or my LV Damier Saleya.
  9. a plastic garbage bag...jk:yahoo:

    a medium longchamp Pliage
  10. ShopMom, I always reach for my older French Co Speedy 25.....beautiful bag and practically indestructable.....and with it I still feel *dressed* even if I'm HermessLess that day.
  11. i tested the toile survived rain better than me with umbrella:smile:
  12. I still take my bj hac with me. IF I get a little drizzle on it I rub it in!
    I swear it looks better when a little wet, and somehow the stains comes out.
    I do keep my raincoat in it with me just in case.
  13. That is the perfect "amazonia" garden party weather, but I think they discontinued it.:sad:
    I have used my togo kelly in downpours, and it was just fine, I made sure to bring a paper towel with me to wipe the bag down with as soon as I got indoors.
  14. Fjord leather handles rain great too.
  15. I use my Mono Speedy when it rains, or whenever there's dirty work to be done (like carting around my 3 tiny grandchildren!) That will withstand ANYTHING!!:supacool: LOL!