And now for a little something from BooBoo....

  1. ....BooBoo is wondering why in Gods Name a perfectly good Birkin would ever become a "sale" item?

    What's up with that?!?!?!!? Anyone know?

    And have we already discussed this before????????
  2. What a cute kitty!!! As to Birkin on Sale, no idea... would love to find out as well....
  3. who saw a birkin on sale???
    where did booboo come from???
  4. What????
  5. Cute kitten, S'Mom!

    I hear that sale birkins are mainly those sold to staff. It used to just have the "S" stamped, like what's sold at public sales. But now it has "S######" with some number affixed to it to track the staff who bought it. This was brought up some time back, and also confirmed by Pete.
  6. Well, one day DD showed up at home with this little bundle of fur she SAID she found under a shrub (but I don't believe her) and I fell in love with it and there you go.....another dangerous paw in the house.
  7. omg booboo is priceless!!!! i want booboo!!!! those eyes!! that fur!!! that teeny tiny body!
  8. how many cats is that now?
    does muffin play well with others?
    she looks like poudre on my screen. did i spell that right?
    where did you see a sale birkin?
  9. ^^^ I was wondering who BooBoo was too. :yes: Adorable kitten.

    Sale Birkin? I've never heard of them personally.
  10. BooBoo is adorable. (Muffin will love having someone to pinch hit when she's worn out, I am sure).

    Sale? Birkin? I thought these were mutually exclusive terms!
  11. AH! Ok, that answers that! I forgot, we DID discuss this some time back.

    oopsie......sorry, guys. We can close this thread, MODS!!!!!! :yes:
  12. Was just thinking about this, guys. Every so often, one pops up on eBay....haven't seen one in a while though.
  13. Awwwwwww!!!! BooBoo is sooo cute! What an adorable little protege for Muffin! She can teach him all about the art of BIN!
  14. oh no! muffin has a new playmate! double trouble! Booboo can be very good at BIN - ing!
  15. Oh my gosh - look at that sweet little fuzz ball! Booboo is just too cute! So, has Booboo learned how to log onto the internet yet?