And Now a Word (or More): Quotes and fun bits about Hermes


May 17, 2007
Would love for this to be a catch all thread of funny quotes, expressions and kitsch about our favorite brand. Starting out with a few that I've come across. Hope you all contribute and enjoy! Please be sure to quote source for proper credits.

Starting with the classic:


"The Hermes bag used to be mind-numbing at $6,000. Now, according to several sources, the waiting list is closed for the Birkin. No matter if Oprah couldn't get into that store."
Diane Clehane

"What Hermès is in fashion, [Kvadrat] is for me for upholstery and the furniture business. And they have a very beautiful attitude. They are producers of fabric, but they connect to artists and architects — from unknown to known, young, old. We are now some years later and it feels very natural" Raf Simons on AMUSE 3.24.17

"In the past the environment has been viewed as something like a Hermes silk tie or a Gucci handbag-a luxury only affordable when all other issues have been resolved, but this (WRI) report, allied with a series of other new and authoritative studies released over recent months such as the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, overturns this myth and underlines in graphic detail the importance of `natures` natural capital alongside financial and human capital."
Klaus Toepfer


Princess D

Jun 12, 2006
Samantha when seeing a 'nobody' with a Birkin while she's been put on the waiting list and couldn't get hers right away : 'Is Hermes French for I take my fxxking time?!' [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]


…and Orange
Nov 26, 2013
Castle In the Sky
In the most recent issue of Le Monde D'Hermes, from an interview with publisher Seigo Matsuoka:

-"In Japan it's the object's origin that makes it valuable."

-"For the Japanese, the value of objects is not determined by an authority that might dictate good taste, nor does it depend on high society or industry. Some objects become valuable when they are chosen and cherished by people with good critical sense ("mono-wakari"), or experts ("mekiki"), on their period. Japan also has a long tradition of objects that represent excellence ("meibutsu"). These are not renowned products, but products that are "signed" ("mei") by their creator, which gives them an origin, a history."


Sep 14, 2006
This is a quote from my husband.
When my SA would call and husband answered, my husband would say to SA, "I would rather hear from you than my accountant, because I must be doing very well, if you are calling my house."

(I am old and do not buy so much anymore.)