And my whole world just comes crashing down

  1. I've been going through a LOT lately, but tend to try and keep it off the boards. not this time, i'm lookin for some love, cuz my life just got shoved into overdrive.

    i'll tell you about my bad day today, and then i'll explain why my world is coming crashing down.

    i woke up with a migrane from hell today, and knew life was about to suck. my roommate and i discussed last night, how we should get our priorites in order as we'd been mighty sloppy lately, and get healthy while we're at it (i'm an overweight gal on a mission to get fit). i woke up today and had a chat with him about how we need to look for different jobs soon because our boss wasn't giving us any hours. he pretty much has another job lined up, but i was going to need some time before i left the place i was at.

    i got a phone call today from my boss saying that she couldn't afford to give me any hours until further notice, basically laying me off without ANY notice at all, after telling me for months that she was going to give me 40+ hours a week. she told me i'd be pushing 50 hours a week by may. i didn't get over 17 last week. i've been her ***** since i got hired, and have worked whenever she needed me to work, and cooked whatever she needed me to cook, at her every beck and call.
    i got really pissed off and told her she was completely unprofessional. she had been promising me hours forever now, and she yanked my world out of under my feet. i suppose she thought that because she told me she "can't give me hours right now" that i'd just sit around with my thumb in an unmentionable place, waiting for her to call me. no no. i no longer work there.

    she has no idea that my roommate, who is currently one of the 2 people that work for her, is about to quit, and go back to an old job he used to have.

    she'll be in the hole at that point, but i'm not going to be there to help. no way.


    So onto why this sucks so bad? in the next 2 months i have to have my car registered, insured, and inspected. i have no money to do ANY of that. on top of having to do all that, there's no way on gods green earth under the glorious sun that my car will pass inspection. it makes awful noises and is falling apart for sure. not only am i jobless, but im soon to be carless.

    for the past few months we've paid our rent, but never on time. due to my awful recent ex boss, our rent, which was going to be early this month, will now be late again.

    i'm applying for jobs online right now, because frankly i don't know how people will feel about hiring someone who walks into their establishment balling their eyes out. besides the fact, there are REALLY no jobs in this town to be had, and if i were to travel to a job in a different town, i'd have to worry about my car in a few months soooo there are SO many things to worry about :crybaby: wtf do i do :wtf:

    i called my mom and she told me she could send me 200 dollars to pay my electric bill for this month but she's not going to be able to do that every month so i have to figure something out... omg i hate my life.

  2. Chin up kiddo...Everyone goes thru hell and back at some point in time.U CAN GET THRU THIS!!!!!!!!
    Start lookin for ANY job to pay the bills for now...seriuosly..if u cant pay yer electric..ANY job will help temporarily....
    HUGS.. Im Here to talk to ANYTIME!!!!

    PS- seriously...........I was once a divorced struggling mom !!!!
    I got thru it and loved my self so much more for doin it all BY MYSELF.Its such a great feeling when u can get yerself out of a hole ..with noones help...and b proud of yourself....
  3. I know sucks and BTW I love the way you write and describe situations. You are a bright lady!! I know is a difficult situation but take a deep breath and think about the things that you can do to find a new job. For example:
    1. Do you have an updated version of your resume?
    2. Which websites are you posting yours now?
    3. Can you apply for unemployment in the meantime? All depends on the benefits that you had with your ex-employer. This can give you an extra income in the meantime.
    4. and are excellent sources for job search.
    Consider all these things and good luck. Let us know how it goes**hugs**
  4. oh dear, i know how you feel! i have a looming credit card bill to pay off and a trip to europe to fund. I took up a second job at university and for some reason my parents just don't understand.

    are there any ... crappy retail or restaurant jobs that you can work at? when i waitressed, i made a lot of money in tips - a lot more than my paycheck and that can always help.

    just remember.. you might feel like you hit bottom now, but the only place you have to go from there is up. feel free to pm me if you ever need to vent or talk. *hugs*
  5. im sorry for what happened=] but in the mean time...try temp agencies....i know one... or look for one in your town.
  6. Jes! I am so sorry! First off, if you need to put the purple D&B bag on hold, OBVIOUSLY that is not a problem!

    Is it possible that you could move back home for a bit to get yourself together?

    I guess you have to ask yourself:
    1.) Can you move back home & not pay rent?
    2.) Where can you get a good paying job? Maybe waitressing, bartending... good money fast!
    3.) Focus on saving $$$ for a dependable, used car. DH got a used, reliable hyundai for $2,000.00. He drives it 120+ miles a day & we've had it for 4 years & the thing keeps GOING!!!!!!

    Try to figure out what will & what won't work for you.

    Keep us posted!

  7. btw...they can get you work right away! so you don't have to look...they look for you!
  8. as unfun as the job sounds i'll probably get hired at one of the local grocery stores as they always seem to be hiring. i know i'll make it through it just seems like every time something like this happens, all of the bad stuff happens at once :crybaby:

  9. i'm going to go there right now thank you for the suggestion!
  10. hey viciousbliss,


    i know how hard it is especialky when everything comes crashing down together and life feels like it sucks so bad and you don't know what to do or what you'ure supposed to do in that situation.

    there is no answer except that you do everything you can to get throught the day and the things that need to be done (Paying off your bills like ur case).

    your boss was an ass and right now all you can do is go to a temp agency and see what you can find. get any job - grocery store, wedding houses, fast food , retail, anything that will help pay the bills.

    just hang in there. you will get through this but for now, you need to b in survival mode. just get through each day and get the bills paid.

    i know what it's like.i've been in survival mode for months now. i'm not smelling the roses in life and every day that i get through is another task accomplished. pls pm anytime. BIG HUGS
  11. Also... what about government services???

    Food stamps and/or cash benefits??? They are their for when people run into hard times!

    Food pantry??? Good food for free!!!

    If any of these services are available to you, DON'T be embarrassed. They are there for just this reason. Atleast try a food pantry! Save $$$ on food!
  12. Big big hugs!

    It's hard to be poor. I've been in the same position as you and I know how bad it is. Try getting a job anywhere - Dunkin Donuts, Macdonalds whatever. Preferably a place that pays okay and from where you can get a free meal or two.( From

  13. Starbucks offers flexible hours, multiple benefits: medical, dental, vision) even for part-time, a paycheck every two weeks plus tips and free coffee.

    They'll train you.
  14. ViciousBliss, I'm so sorry to hear about your difficulties right now, take care. Over the last few years as a college/grad student, I've perfected ways to wrangle quick cash, here are a few suggestions:

    -If you need a job that pays *fast*, I would go for a waitressing position. It may not be a dream job, but it's an easy job to find (even in a small town) and you make money almost immediately. I've waitressed several places, most recently at TGI Fridays and I made excellent money there, honestly (any chain restaurant like that is good because you get so many customers through at most times of day). Plus the funky shifts usually leave time during the day to hunt for something better. Waitressing is one of the only jobs I can think of that won't make you wait 2 weeks to a month for a paycheck. Babysitting might work too, but the money won't be as good. I've done temp work as well, which may sound more appealing, but still pays half of what you make waitressing.

    -If you're looking for even quicker cash, you could put some high-ticket items on eBay with fair BIN prices. One summer I was so broke due to a job falling through that I had to sell all of my was sad, but I made it through and have lots of great bags again.

    -If you have relatives nearby, see if they need any work done that they're willing to pay for.

    -If your car won't pass inspection anyway, you could try to sell it to avoid those pending bills. Can you catch rides with your roomie, or potentially bike or take public transportation to work? If you're anticipating employment soon, can you plan to buy a newer car once you start working again?

    -Some of my friends have gotten desperate enough in the past to sell plasma. I haven't tried it, and I don't think it pays right away but it does pay decently.

    -This is a "playing with fire" way to make some cash quickly, and I would only recommend it if you really think you can find another job and you're just in a rough point now. If you have a credit card, you could try purchasing a few items (like bags, maybe at an outlet) and turning them over for a slight loss on eBay. I've never done this before because I don't have enough income to justify getting into debt in these situations, but it's possible. Remember, this will cost you more money in the long run, but not as much as a title loan place or something like that.

    -If you're really out of options, you could try to sublet your place and move home for awhile. At least until you find a job and straighten out your finances.

    Don't worry, I'm sure most of us have been in your position at some point in our lives (I sure have). And things will get better, just time to take some aggressive action now.
  15. I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. I can relate right now. I got myself in quite a bind and about a year ago I took a second job to make ends meet. I still have the second job and it is not alot of fun, but I have proven to myself that I can do what it takes to get by. I know you will find the strength to get through this. Just remember you are not alone. This forum is a great support group.