...and my Sand Ada came today too!

  1. WOW!!! What can I say. I was smitten as soon as I pulled the Ada out of the box!!!

    I love the colour (sand) and the textured leather. The leather smells great too (like my Scarlett). I was worried that the studs would look too 'rock chick' on me, but the brass colour of the studs blend well with the sand shade, and set the leather off nicely. The different tones of the leather are great because and marks or scuffs will be less noticable to see than on a smooth lighter coloured bag, like an Elisha, for example.

    Im surprised at how light this bag is. I was expecting a monster. My Lena is actually heavier. Maybe the USA and UK have different weight guides, because I read here that the Ada weighs 42lbs? Was that right? LOL...well my son was 10lbs at birth, so I was thinking ''Woah, the Ada is gonna weigh four times heavier than my son did as a baby' The leather is softer than I thought it would be too. I was expecting a firm leather, like the Lena, but its got a nice slouch to it, that I reckon will be even nicer when it softens up.

    Im so happy with the size. I prefer a bigger bag as Im tall and smaller bags tend to look a bit silly on me, plus I have alot of junk to carry around! :lol: However its not oversized, but just right.
    The side pockets are deep and functional, and I like the was they dont stick out, like they did on my ex-brynne (I got rid of that by the way!)

    This is easily my most favourite Kooba I own. The 'love at first sight' is so strong, that it even pushed Lena into second place. I would even buy the same bag in Bourbon,if I found a great deal. The utlimate casual-but-classy Kooba.

    Ok enought chat! Im off to take Ada out.



  2. LOVELY! Don't you just love Ada? Isn't she just the sexiest ever??!!

    Looks fabo on you, girl!
  3. She looks devine on you, perfect bag no doubt.
  4. Oh no doubt, this bag is gorgeous. The sand is better than the black I had. But I know mine weighed 42lbs but I think the conversion scale in the UK (yeah, that's right...a conversion scale...LOL) takes a few pounds off of your bag. Maybe it's 38 or 39 lbs which would make it perfectly do-able :lol:.
    Does look so purty on you though. A double purse day is always a good one.
  5. LOL! I dont own any scales in my home, but Im going to take my Ada to my sis inlaws house and weigh it. I still cant believe that it weighs at least three times the weight of my son when he was a newborn. He was a big babg too! LOL...:lol:
  6. Halzer, your Ada is STUNNING. It's good to see your pics because it clearly shows it can work on the shoulder too. CONGRATULATIONS on such a great buy. It's beautiful.
  7. Love it! Love the color too! But, did I read that you got rid of your Brynne? Say it isn't so!!
  8. Halzer!!!! You done good, girl!!!! I love the hardware on all the Koobas.....spectacular!!!
  9. Halzer, you should go on a purse ban more often, really makes you accumulate a lot of bags, LOL

    Congrats, that bag looks just right for you (but then they all do;)) 42 pounds, LOL
  10. LOL! Thats right youngster, I got rid of the Vasaline-brynne! A mum at my daughters school liked it. She saw it pre-greased and after too, and she just wanted it. I wasnt that crazy over it but I didnt know what to ask for it, as I had DIY-ed after all. Then she offered a swap in the form of a carpet shamoo-er that she had bought and used only once. Seeing as I had cream...erm, no make that GREY carpets because of my kids, I thought I was getting a good deal. So we swapped!

    My carpets have never looked so good. I do them once a week. :lol:
  11. What the heck??? You need an intervention! You start trading bags for carpet cleaners somethings wrong upstairs, ya know? I think you need to buy another bag....quick! LOL
  12. LOL!! You traded your Brynne for a carpet shampooer!! :roflmfao:
  13. PMSL!!!! Well like I said, Im 100% on a purse ban, so selling the brynne and buying another bag would be cheating! hehehe!

    Ladies...surely you can see a glow in the sky at night from my gleaming carpets!! :lol:
  14. Now wait....you don't have a Jessie do you? Well then...that is not cheating. That is an ESSENTIAL of daily living. It's like bread, milk, toilet paper, and a warm bed.

    Stop denying yourself Halimah. No time to be negligent to your basic life needs.
  15. Jess-ie! Jess-ie!! Jess-ie! Jess-ie!!