and my latest ebay blunder....just a vent really

  1. ah, yes, and another one.... I think I should put eBay on hold until I have managed to finish my work situation..

    ok, so i bought something on US eBay and since the seller only accepts payment from confirmed addresses through paypal I sent payment via mail (Germany - US). at the same time I sent payment for another item to US. this was 15th May.

    the second payment arrived after 2 weeks of which it spent the majority of time in US - slow service it seems. the seller had left a strike which he removed when payment arrived. Fair enough!

    the first payment just didn't show up - so I filed a report with the post office which takes about 1 to 2 months (GREAT). the seller is very patient although she doesnt communicate (power seller) but now I received a reminder from her vendio system (i'd say fair enough and about time). cut the long story short, I paid via paypal after all, explaining.

    so yesterday I routinely checked the tracking on to re-assure I did the right thing - and yes, you can guess, the letter showed up!!!! now, that I paid already. it is only $35 but that wouldn't make the item a bargain anymore if she kept both payments. It was only attempted delivery so I am hoping she will refund the paypal payment....

    but seriously :cursing::rolleyes: WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME????
  2. Hopefully the seller will do the right thing by you and give you that refund! Otherwise, when you get your item file a complaint with paypal.
  3. ^^^^^Agree :yes: I would hope the seller would refund
  4. She may refund after you get the item and say it's ok, or after the first payment clears.
  5. Be sure and send lots of emails. You mentioned she was a powerseller... maybe she might confuse your mail payment for someone elses?
  6. ITA. Be certain to add the item number to message body in case he/she sold more than one of the same item. Things will work out.
  7. well, so far it seems she hasn't picked up the letter - maybe because she doesn't want to deal with my payment now? it will go back to me eventually but still..... ah, what a mess.
  8. now the seller has accepted my letter but still no refund. i will wait another day but am sending the same message over and over again - since she doesnt communicate AT ALL.