And my hunt continues...


Balenciaga Convert
Jul 27, 2007
Well Ladies, I'm sure that most of you are by now aware of my hunt for the studded Ariella Boots (not too hard since it's glaring out of my signature :P).

BUT I am also sure, that most of you know what it feels to to desperately pine for a shoe, once you've fallen in Love with it. :love:

So this little thread is like a Public Service Announcement, in the hunt of the studded Ariella Boots in either size 39.5 (US 9.5), 40 (US 10) or 40.5 (US 10.5). If any of you have a clue where I could get my hands on these beauties (and like stated before, any condition will suffice) please please pm, e-mail or message me!!!

These are the boots that I need to complete my fall wardrobe. Sadly I've jumped on the bandwagon just a teensy bit to late, but I hope that it won't stop me from finding them!!

Thank yoU all for your help in advance!! :heart: