And my hunt continues...

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  1. Well Ladies, I'm sure that most of you are by now aware of my hunt for the studded Ariella Boots (not too hard since it's glaring out of my signature :P).

    BUT I am also sure, that most of you know what it feels to to desperately pine for a shoe, once you've fallen in Love with it. :love:

    So this little thread is like a Public Service Announcement, in the hunt of the studded Ariella Boots in either size 39.5 (US 9.5), 40 (US 10) or 40.5 (US 10.5). If any of you have a clue where I could get my hands on these beauties (and like stated before, any condition will suffice) please please pm, e-mail or message me!!!

    These are the boots that I need to complete my fall wardrobe. Sadly I've jumped on the bandwagon just a teensy bit to late, but I hope that it won't stop me from finding them!!

    Thank yoU all for your help in advance!! :heart:

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  2. Good luck with your search!
  3. Heh...I do that all the time. Jump on the bandwagon late. Anyway, they pop up on ebay from time to time. I'll keep a look out for you. :yes:
  4. Thank you ladies!!