... and my eidy present is??

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  1. hey every body i have been lusting after a particular gucci bag to be my first gucci! i didnt want to start with a wallet or a so-so bag i wanted the best availible.

    when the month of fasting ends (ramadhan) muslims celebrate eid - this is to rejoice the completion of the 30 days! elders at this time give money or EIDY to younger ones:yahoo:
    - and this time i managed to get enough to get me this bag! its absolutely gorgeous and i love love love love it!!

    so watch this space for pictures :yes:- i hope you all love it like me :biggrin:

    thnaks to tpf and tpfers for information and comments etc - cheers y'll!!:tup:
  2. Congrats!
  3. happy eid and congrats...now show us the bag.....
  4. Can't wait to see it! Congrats!
  5. tick tock tick tock...we wanna seee!!!! happy eid....that gives me an idea, maybe i can get a new bag for diwali instead of gold LOL! :smile:

    SHOW US ALREADY!! hehe :smile:
  6. here we goooooooooo..,.

  7. [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG]
    lks so drk and delicious without flash :biggrin:

    but a bad pic - ill try putin anther 1 later
  9. ohhh nice!!! congratulations, enjoy your indy!!! i love mine :yes:
  10. Wow, lovely bag. The Guccissima looks so... delicious! Congrats!
  11. Happy ramadhan!!! Ohhhh I LOVE IT!!!! Such good taste congrats on your new bag X
  12. juss realized the one above is too small!

  13. love it! congrats
  14. beautiful! congratz!
  15. congrats on your new bag. I also purchased this bag in black as my 1st gucci in almost 2 years. I'm usually into LV but this bag may have converted me.