And MORE Orange Boxes...... WooWho!!!

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  1. The LE 24 coin purse - Vert Anis - goat leather

    The Carmen Key Ring - Pistachio - Lamb skin

    The JIGE Mini Clutch - Turquoise

    I:heart: them all!:yahoo:
    H orange boxes.jpg H Vert Anis Coin Purse.jpg H Vert Anis Coin Purse Inside.jpg H Vert Anis Coin Purse Inside2.jpg H Carmen Lambskin Keyring.jpg
  2. I am LOVING all this green!!!!!!!!
  3. Love both, congratulations! A pic of the Jige pretty please!
  4. MORE pics....

    The inside of the JIGE mini clutch w/ my 'things"~~

    The Apple I-Phone
    Removable pouch from Dogon wallet
    Chanel Lip gloss
    Carmen Key ring w/ keys
    H Carmen Lambskin2 Keyring.jpg H Carmen Lambskin3 Keyring.jpg H JIGE Mini Clutch.jpg H JIGE Mini Clutch(inside).jpg H JIGE Mini Clutch(contents).jpg
  5. Thanks S'Mom & Nola~~
  6. Back of the JIGE Mini Clutch~~
    H JIGE Mini Clutch(back).jpg
  7. Oh wow!!! I just love everything!
  8. Eeeek! Loving the Jige!!
  9. Thanks Jag!! I am collecting colorful accessories for my "Illusion Phantom" Birkin! LOL
    By the time it ever arrives I will have so many accessories for it I won't be able to lift it! :smile:
  10. I like the way you think:graucho:
  11. It is dangerous & expensive!!:nuts::nuts:
  12. Beautiful goodies, Penny! I love the colors you picked for the coin purse and the clutch. So bright and fun :nuts:
  13. Price Points:

    Le 24 Money Holder - $ 315.00 (USD)
    Carmen Key Ring - $ 180.00 (USD)
    JIGE Mini Clutch - $2100.00(USD)

    Dimensions for JIGE:
    7.5 inches across
    4.75 inches high
    1/2 inch flat (when empty)
  14. I have to get myself a Carmen key ring! How fabulous is that! Just love it! And teh Jige is gorgeous! Seriously, I am drooling right now!
  15. It's all so gorgeous!!! OMG I am drooling over the Jige too!!! :nuts: