And, Man I thought LV was complicated...

  1. I've finally had the nerve to cruise another forum besides LV, and it's Tokidoki since I love love love Murakami and all the japanimation stuff.... well... hellooooo... I finally after a year, barely know what's going on with LV styles, etc... and Tokidoki is like a language all its own, it's very scary...:confused1: plus, people you have to have the right characters on your prints and call around to see if salespeople will talk to you to get the right scenes, and THEN, you have to find them on sale... oh god.... Some LV ers have some great toki bags.... but, holy moly... really, I will have to study and study before I can even begin to understand what people are talking about... how can bags be sooo complicated... I'm sticking with LV....:wlae: :heart: :wtf: although it's fun to branch out tooo\... but, I promise, I'll never ever ever go to Hermes...hehe
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  4. oops sorry. I'm glad LV doesn't have sales... it's just makes everything more complicated, although price increases... bite... I'm gonna mix a toki with an LV one day.... and I'll post pics... mods you can close this if ya want...
  5. Awww, I love Tokidoki:shame:
    I understand the fanatacism, it's kind of like MC lovers & the obsession with getting the perfect color combo... only LV is more of a classic.
  6. I have some tokidoki bags...but I don't even know the names of them LOL. I was the same way with LV when I first started buying them...
  7. ^Great answer, Taco! Veronika, wouldn't be too hard for ya to figure out the Tokidoki. Would be cute to add some accessories to your LV collection. :graucho:
  8. awww, you guys are the best,,, see? I wasn't even that aware of getting the right MC pattern, I just learned something,,, I know the pfer that just came back from Hong Kong went two places to get the right Shirley purple pink... man, I just take what I get, now when I go to the real store, I can be more discriminating... this really helped me out!

    Thanks!:heart: Youse guys are great:nuts:
  9. lol, my friend from uni shes malaysian and she has tons of tokidoki stuff, they are really cool, but i can imagine that they are really hard to get hold of"! x
  10. It's just hard to figure out what in the world they're talking about, the names are so foreign and the cuts, etc etc; plus if everybody else is buying stuff on sale, you don't wanna be the schmuck paying full price (haha) that will definately be me, the first time around... but, then they also are faking it... so you can't buy on eBay, too many fakes... and you really need to know cause like LV, the fakes are good, but since nylon maybe even harder to tell... sooooo cool to add with a classic uppity LV though (haha)...:graucho:
  11. There was a particular Tokidoki bag that I saw on the LeSportsac website last year for travel that I really liked. Frankly, I couldn't tell you what the pattern was, but I really liked the shape and the outside pockets, etc. Of course, now that I have decided to break down and buy it they no longer have that style, and I haven't the foggiest what it was called. I looked at the threads in the forum, but I'll never figure it out.That said, the stuff is very cute.
  12. yep. Thanks Taco, this stuff ain't easy.... appreciate all your help!
  13. hehehe....the Tokidoki chacters are sooooooooo adorabley cute, though!!!!
  14. I'm not familiar with Hoki Doki at all. I was recently in Bloomingdales and they had a TON of Hoki Doki items in the back of the store for sale, the sales girl from the Fendi counter said they don't sell at all. So if anyone wants them - get them on sale because they'll still be there. :graucho: