And it's not just toki stuff....

  1. So you girls here have influenced me to make yet another purchase.

    I kept seeing you all talking about your "DS Lites" and I had no idea what that was. Google to the rescue!

    I have a Palm Lifedrive that I LOVE. Has my entire life on it. All the dogs vet records, knitting patterns, bunches of pictures, a few MP3s (the ones I can't live without when I don't want to take my iPod along). And a few really simple games that I like to play before bed or when waiting for the tires to be rotated. I'd been thinking about trying to download a few more games but then, once I learned about the DS Lite... well... lets just say you all are responsible - it's not my fault!!!

    (It is pink of course)

    So now I may need to buy a Campeggio so I have pockets for the DS LIte, the phone, the iPod, the LIfedrive.....
  2. Ha! Ha! That is great! You will love your DS. Get animal crossing wild world that is a highly addictive game. I had not played that game in a long time so I started to play it again yesterday and much to my dismay my whole town was covered in weeds. It took me over an hour to deweed. After that I was too tired to play anymore.
  3. :lol: of them is me!! I own a ds lite and its great!!! fun fun fun! congrats on your pink ds lite :graucho:

    I had a Palm Lifedrive, but hardly used it, I only used it to watch movies and listen to mp3s. So I sold it to my friend's kid sister who probably would make use of it more than me:p
  4. DreamsofToki - it's all about influence on here & I have definitely shopped more than before ever since I joined the forum :graucho: Not only Toki stuff... My hubby was like, every single day you have package on your way :roflmfao:
  5. Already did :smile:

    And Nintendogs, the one with the Siberian (since there is none with a Sammie). I hope that one is not too juvenile but it sounded fun, training your dog in obedience and agility - something I do in real life already!

    Haven't tried to play anything yet as the battery is still charging. I should have plugged it in last night!!

    (My husband thinks I've gone insane - of course he plays with his PS2 every night so he really shouldn't talk)
  6. I soo agree with you juicymario!! I got influenced to buy toki toys!!! I was controlling myself but couldnt help it hahah!!

    DreamsOfToki:I did not get animal crossing yet..maybe I should:lol:! Im surprised your hubby didnt get a PS3 yet! :graucho:
  7. I have one of the nintendogs games too. I haven't played with it in awhile. I have a daschund.

    I would still like to get cooking mama and trauma center for my DS.
  8. how much does a ds lite cost in the us?
    it sounds cool, but i already have a ps2.
    i thought about selling it but i have the best hello kitty game for it.

    i'm such a girl. :shame::yucky:
    i actually bought my ps2 for alot more money to get a blue one rather than a regular black.
    and now 2 years later they have a thin one in pink but i have nothing to do with 2 ps2. :push:
  10. A DS lite is going for around $130 USD.

    I didn't know the PS2 came in those different colors? I just have the original black one.
  11. I have trauma center and its hella fun!! You should get it :lol: it makes you feel like your the doctor and if you fail, your patient dies lol...

    Snoopa: I got my ds lite for $130..though Im not in the US lol ...but its a US territory :biggrin: I had a black ps2 and sold it cuz I didnt use it that much ...I didnt even have ps2 games ..I was using ps1 games :lol:
  12. Yeah I was wondering if it was any good? I'm glad to hear it is worth picking up.
  13. ehh i just checked around, it's 200$ over here + 20$ shipping :push:

    yeah ps2 had limited editions in aqua and silver, and SUPER limited editions in yellow and white.
    the aqua was like 50$ extra but the yellow and white were twice the price, about 700$ instead of 300$ :wtf: and they were both ugly.
  14. Too me it was fun:confused1: I hope if you decide to get, you'll find it fun too :biggrin:
  15. I'm not sure they ever sold the colored ones here in the US?