and it has been sitting in there...

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  1. in my closet for the past 2 weeks since i came bck from mini lin bucket..:crybaby:

    i use my damier speedy 25 for school.........

    i feel guilty..i haven't taken the bucket out since i came bck...the only time i took it out was to take a pic for u tPF'ers! :supacool:

    i switch around my bags for the per weekend............but the bucket's still sitting there...:sad:

    what am i doing wrong..:shrugs:?
  2. hmmmm. hope you didn't buy it on impluse! Take it to school!
  3. Yeah, try it out at least once, just to make sure you really want it....before the time limit expires for refunds.:Push:
  4. Sounds like it may not be a match for you! I did the same thing with a red Monsac tote. It's beautiful so I kept it but have carried it no more than 5 times in 2 years. I probably should have returned it. :sad:

    Than again I could carry it tomorrow now that I am reminded! :flowers:
  5. Use it! Time to change it up!
  6. Use that thing!
  7. Enjoy your closet hiding bag... I think it would be a great bag for school :yes:


  8. Return it if you won't use it! You'll end up regretting this purchase and lose money on it eventually! If you were crazy about it, you would have used it by now!:yes:
  9. Dont leave your gorgeous bag only in your closet :yes:
    Take her to school :smartass:
    You will enjoy with her :happydance:
  10. Use it or return it for something else that you will be excited to use. My guess is that if you haven't used it by now then you don't truly love it.
  11. oh..the return date has passed! but not for exchange...
    but seriously the reason why i haven't used it till now is because i think it's too flashy for school...that's the reason why i use my damier speedy!...i do like the bag! it's not that i don't like it but here in LA..everyone drives, and even the petite bucket is too big for going out!

    u guys really think i don't love it? sigh...:crybaby:
  12. ITA.
  13. I would exchange it.
  14. Some SAs let you return after the return date. Try that.
  15. You think the mini lin is flashier than the damier speedy?
    if you're going to school, wouldn't the bucket be more practical than the speedy?