And Introducing.....Luci!!!!


Aug 22, 2006
Hi everyone!!!

My Luci came yesterday and I am THRILLED with her!!! This is the perfect bag for me! It works as a shoulder bag and as a handbag. I'm sooo excited! I have her all decked out!

I will post modelling pics later tonight, and i will also post Luci side by side w/ Francine for those who are trying to decide between the two....honestly Coachies, if I could, I'd keep both of them, they are both amazing bags. But I needed a nice black bag, and Luci is just more practical for me right now. And I'm waiting to hear about a job, so if I get it....hmm...maybe I CAN keep both Francine and Luci:graucho: I'm bad I!


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Feb 5, 2008
How lovely you've got Luci pretty with pink accessories! I was just looking at my Luci a few minutes ago, trying her on. Also Francine. I love them both. Hope you get the job so maybe you can keep Francine, too! I don't have a job but I hope to get one also. For now I've been selling bags to get bags routine.
As usual, I want to copy you and shop for that pink scarf now! lol
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**My Snow Pup**
Jul 6, 2007
Gorgeous...and I love the charm & scarf you chose for her. The pink is delicious with the black leather. Boy, the Luci sure is roomy inside! I LOVE it! Did you get her via eBay? Congrats & we await your pics tonight...;)