And if The Mid A was The Purse little sister ???

  1. Well it's just a personal thought:idea: ...

    But I think The Mid Afternoon is The Purse young hippie sister...

    What do you think about my family theory ???

    PS : I also love the MidA for the 2 compartments inside:nuts: !!
    Purse Ink SS06.jpg Mid Afternoon Blue India FW06.jpg Purse Ink 4 SS06.jpg Mid Afternoon Blue India FW06 4.jpg Mid Afternoon Blue India FW06 3.jpg
  2. Fromparis, they both look FABULOUS!!!!:drool: :drool: :drool: , serious droools. And your bluberry purse goes so well with that beautiful floral tunic. The blue india MidA is out of this world! Yes, they make great siblings. Love them, both of them!:heart:
  3. I love both bags...and your theory! The Mid A does have a little more edge but a similar feminine shape.

    How does the Mid A compare with the purse in terms of comfort fitting on your shoulder?
  4. A quick, slightly off-topic question...Does the Mid Afternoon come in the Giant Hardware for 07? If so, has anyone seen it with GH?? Would LOVE to see pics as I'm thinking this is the next style I want to get....fromparis, yours is gorgeous!!!

  5. WOW :nuts: !!! 'P' fromparis - thank you so much for the comparison between the 'discontinued' purse and the 'new sister' the Mid afternoon :flowers: :yes: !! Unfortunately I didn't saw the Mid afternoon IRL yet - but on your pics it looks GORGEOUS :drool: :tender: !! I really hope to find another Purse anyway .... hopefully in blue india ;) :p
  6. The mid-A looks real good when carried!! Fromparis - can you tell me if it stays on the shoulder easy, and if it is a "tight-fit" on the shoulder?

    Thank you :flowers:
  7. Thanks for your nice words Ladies:love: !!

    Deco :the Purse is Ink:graucho: !!!
    But as you know Ink is such a hard color to catch on pics :shame: !!!

    First I : I'm sure you need a Mid A:graucho: !!!

    Loganz : I don't have the Purse anymore...but I'm sure the MidA handdles are shorter:yes:
    The MidA fits on my shoulders ... and stays better on because it's tight ...
    but not sure it would work with a coat:confused1: I have to try !!!
  8. Agree with you there Fromparis though the Purse has smoother, more feminine lines (which I prefer)...but your bags look great!
  9. .....and maybe that's why they discontinued the Purse (sad).