And I thought work would be boring . . .

  1. So I'm standing in The Bay's Fine Jewelry department. It's been practically dead all day.

    All of a sudden, a customer walks up to me and asks me if I would call security. A lady has tripped and wants someone to call. I do and they said they'll call a manager.

    After I called, I went to go find out what happened. A woman, who looked like she was in her '70s. She walked through the revolving glass doors and tripped on a piece of upturned rug. She moved forward to break her fall, and ended up hitting her head on the marble stairs, hitting her forearm on the brass banister.

    I offered her some water. She declined. (I figured - someone fell, they're shaken up, they might like some water while they calmed down.) A customer who happened to be passing by said she probably shouldn't have water, anyway. If she needed surgery for some reason, she can't have anything in her stomach.

    The woman wanted to be taken to the hospital for x-rays. Her injured wrist looked like it was swelling and she kept saying she didn't remember hitting her head when several customers clearly remember her hitting it.

    I held the doors open for the paramedics when they came, I helped gather her things and I held the door when the paramedics left with her.

    Then I tied up some loose information with the manager.

    (I remember at some point asking her what today's date was. If someone had a head injury and they were concious, you're supposed to ask them questions like that to see how lucid they are. She didn't hear me, though.)

    I decided to stay with her until a manager got there.
  2. Oh my god. I hope she'll be alright :'(
    She was lucky you were there to help her :smile: poor lady..
  3. that was really sweet of you to offer her water and stay by her until she left. i hope her injury is nothing too serious.
  4. A similar thing happened outside of my work once, an old lady passed out and hit her head hard on the very hard mall floor. It was bleeding pretty bad. People were helping her, and I also brought water. An ambulance was called and they were there within minutes.
    I have to say I'm not good in those situation tho, I was about to pass out also.
  5. Oh poor lady.. I'm glad she found someone to help her out.. that was kind of you :smile:
  6. oh mu goodness

    guess you'll never complain about a boring day of work ever again
  7. I hope she is OK. Were the paramedics hot?