And I thought I was done with the muse...

  1. But when I dropped by the YSL shop today, they had so many nice metallic muses. There was a bronze medium muse and a pewter (in large and oversize). Since I already have a medium gold muse, I opted to go for a mini silver one!

    I think that this size would be just nice for going out at night. But since it fits quite a lot of things, I may just use it everyday too :smile:

    Here's a pic

    For those interested, they have some metallic tribute bags too!
    Silver Muse.jpg
  2. And which boutique was this?
  3. Congratulaitons on your new gorgeous muse! Love it.
  4. Very CUTE!!! :tup:

  5. Cute. What are the dimensions?
  6. It's so cute! What's the price, if you don't mind my asking?
  7. I havent seen the silver wow its pretty. congrats!
  8. Sachi, love your mini Muse! :dothewave:

    Ah, I want another Muse now!!
  9. Sachi... Love the mini. Where did you get it and how much?
  10. Hi, just popped in from the LV side. I see auth. muse a lot lately where I live. Just last week I spotted an adult daughter and mother sporting white and black ones. My neighbor has the black one. And my son's Camp Counselor just told me her mom got her a muse too. I just got curious and wanted to see better detail and saw this thread. That is the hottest one I've seen yet! It's tdf! Enjoy it! I'd love to see modeling pics!
  11. Thanks karo, gr8heart, cosmopolitan, fanaddict, noon, pinkbabydoll, lhasalover and speedydelivery!

    Unofficial dimensions are: base - 11 1/2" x 4" and height is about 8 1/4". The straps drop by about 6", not long enough to carry on the shoulder.

    I bought it from the YSL boutique in Singapore for S$ 1,500 which comes out to a little under US$ 1,000. Strangely enough, this is actually cheaper than the initial price of the mini muse here (in F/W 2006) which was about S$ 1,700.

    Btw, I forgot to mention that the SA showed me a pewter mini downtown which was also so gorgeous. But, I really am partial to the muse style so went with this bag instead.
  12. Sachi, I am very interested in the pewter mini downtown. Can you give me the SA's info? Thanks.
  13. So cute! I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out such a great little bag!
  14. Thanks Shazam.

    Lhasa, the SA who assisted me was Mel. If she isn't there, you can look for Fraser. Contact number of the YSL boutique in Paragon is (65) 6735-7378.
  15. ^ Mel is one of the sweetest SAs ever. Very patient and helpful.