And I thought Fuchsia was bright... Rose Shocking vs. Fuchsia

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  1. Happy post-Thanksgiving! The other day I purchased a pretty Azap vertical money holder (essentially a wallet) in Rose Shocking--and a shocking rose it is! It was my first time to see this color and it is gorgeous! I forgot to look at the price tag (and therefore the name of the color), but I assume that this wallet is indeed in Rose Shocking.

    It makes my Fuchsia Kelly 28 look absolutely DEMURE. It was fun to place them side-by-side and examine the differences:

    1. RS is brighter and "yellower" than Fuchsia! I'd say it's, um, sluttier than Fuchsia! :heart:
    2. The RS zipper cloth is also brighter than the one in my Fuchsia Kelly
    3. Stitching on RS is a bright pink while on Fuchsia it is a brownish-pink

    Fuchsia actually looks subdued now that I've had my first experience with Rose Shocking! Here are pics! (The last pic isn't very good since the lighting changed on me, but you can see the subtle differences.)


  2. I must get something in that color, love it!
  3. That is just gorgeous! Love it!!!
  4. Slutty AND gorgeous! hehe
  5. Beautiful pocket Azap 24! Yup, that looks like Rose Shocking to me! Rose Shocking borders on fluorescent pink to me--absolutely great for smaller accessories!
  6. Oooh, bright indeed and what a cute wallet!!!
  7. Congrats 24! Rose shocking is indeed shocking when I saw it for the first time.
  8. AHH! That is EXACTLY what I have asked my SA to get for me, but in the Azap LONG version! So glad to see rose shocking in chevre......can't WAIT for mine!!

    CONGRATS usual, your pics are DIVINE!!!!
  9. I want to get the Rose Shocking chevre in a Karo clutch ...:love: Gorgeous picture, 24!
  10. Thanks, everyone! Kou, I immediately thought of you when I saw the little collection of Rose Shocking accessories. =)

    GF, the Azap Long is wonderful, too! I've wanted a smaller wallet and this one is perfect for me. Love the zip-arounds.
  11. Wow - the color is beautiful in general but on the wallet - Perfect. Congrats.

  12. Yeah, me too. i love Bearns, but , although I'm very girly, I don't think I am 'lady-like" enough to have a Bearn!! LOL!!
  13. OMG! What a beautiful, slutty color, 24!!!!!!! Honest and I'm not a bright-color girl and I LOVE it! Really!!!!!
  14. GREAT wallet, Lucy! I adore rose shocking! Ever since SpecialistParis tempted me with a Vision Agenda in etoupe/rose shocking, I've been hooked! A rose shocking Bearn followed (and I even picked up a tiny Longchamp coin purse in the exact same shade to go with - it's quite handy that Longchamp piggybacks on H colors).

    Enjoy it! It's such a cheerful, uplifting color, it lifts my mood just to see it. :smile:
  15. ^LOL, Gina, it was your Vision Agenda that got me started on the whole rose shocking thing! My SA and I were discussing a SO Kelly in etoupe/rose shocking the other day - yum!