And I think he's weaned!!! YAY!! and sad??

  1. My son is 2 years and 8 months and I NEVER, EVER thought I would nurse a child this long. My first weaned himself at 13 months, but this one? At 13 months he was still nursing 10 times a day (no exaggeration!) So... little by little, over the last 8 months, with my pushing, we've eliminated one feeding, then another so that we were down to just the going to be nursing. I KNOW I don't produce any "real" milk. I haven't felt a letdown in months and months, but he still "needed" that comfort.

    But, three nights ago, I rocked him and sang to him and put him in his bed and patted his back. He whimpered and didn't like it, but no screaming crying (which I had a few months back when I tried). Next night, last night, he had skipped a nap, so he had fallen asleep while eating (poor thing) and I carried him up to his bed and he didn't even stir (well, he stirred, but went back to sleep). ANY time before, he would have asked to nurse when he stirred, not this time... and now here we are, an hour from night-night time and we'll see if he protests too much.

    While I am THRILLED to be done, I'm also sad... I will never nurse a baby again. My breasts will never be "useful" again and my baby is growing up - which I LOVE that he's a BOY now and now a baby, but to KNOW it's over....there's an element of sadness too.
  2. It is a little sad. You have done a great job. Bravo to you. :flowers:
  3. He nursed for a long time, so I am sure that was very hard for both him and you. So congrats- it is a big step forward for both of you!
  4. Ugh, tonight was rough.... He was crying for me for about 30 minutes. I kept going in to him and reassuring him, rubbing his back, but it's so hard, when I KNOW that if I nursed him, he would have settled down more quickly... Though, recently he's been fighting going to sleep (which he NEVER has up until a month ago)... I know it's time and I know he doesn't need it, but "HE" thinks he needs it... sometimes being Mama isn't very fun!
  5. I know the sadness you feel. I gave up nursing in October when my baby was 16 months old. I actually felt resentful of people telling me it's about time I weaned him. I still miss my baby snuggling up to me for a feed, but I LOVE the freedom of not being tied to my child!!!!!

    One funny habit my child developed over the last few months before I weaned was that whilst he was feeding he would play with my stomach, and now although he doesn't nurse any more he still loves to play with my stomach.

    Good luck with the weaning. It must be harder weaning a two and a half year old, but you'll get there!
  6. Weaning is sad & happy at the same time. Each day without nursing gets easier & easier, though.
  7. Tonight was easier again. I read him a story in the darkened room, sat him on my lap and rocked him while singing songs (he's NEVER let me sing to him before!!! Kind of nice to have that now! LOL (remind of this "liking it" in a few months when I've gone crazy from singing the same half dozen songs night after night! LOL

    Anyway, I placed him in bed, he whimpered a bit, I sang to him some more and then he started to settle down (like rubbing eyes to sleep) and then I left the room, reassured him once (no crying from him though) and he was asleep.

    Sigh... now if I could just have the same success with potty training as I had another poopy mess all over the place again today! UGH!
  8. You did such a wonderful thing for him. Its a little sad but its all part of his development. Pat yourself on the back for making it so far.
  9. I nursed for about the same period as you did........I was sad too.

    But my boobies were happy!
  10. My son is almost four and we've been potty training him for almost a year. My son tells us if he needs to poo, but he won't tell us he needs to pee. He stills hates going to the toilet and it can take up to 30 mins of coaxing before he'll go to do a pee. If my DH tells him to go for a pee my son is more likely to comply, but when I tell him he can really play up. It's very frustrating. And if we don't tell him to go to the bathroom on time he'll wet his underwear and tell us he wet them, but he just won't tell us he needs to do a pee!!!
  11. Thanks everyone for understanding. Even though I love him more as a 2.5 year old than as a "baby" baby, it's an entire chapter of my life coming to an end and breastfeeding is about as BIG as it gets when it comes between being a baby and a nonbaby! I can't turn back the clock or even slow it down a little... and that's the part that makes me sad...

    Well... maybe for New Year's Eve this year I'll make DH be the designated sober one (since we have to drive my MIL back home). I've been the automatic one for the past three years. I'm going to ENJOY this new freedom!
  12. That's what I told myself, I'll have more freedom once the baby stops breastfeeding, but I still think to myself I stopped feeding only about two months ago and I feel a bit sad that I'm not still doing it now.
  13. I nursed both my kids for nowhere near as long as you but yes there is sadness when you finish! I suppose it is the first in a long line of "partings" that you experience with your kids! Be happy that you gave your kids the very best start in life, congrats!
  14. I nursed one of mine as long as you did and it was sad, but it will get easier.
  15. I also nursed my kids for as long as you did. In fact, I was going to stop after 1 year with my second one, but I just couldn't do it! I really loved nursing but finally had to stop because I needed to go on medication. It was really sad for me and still is. I'm not planning on having anymore kids either. I feel your pain!!!