And I got this from the trunk show...!!

  1. I got this a while back, but I've been lazy about pics! And busy in general, but here it is!



  2. I love it, how fun! Good pics, finally,,,haha.
  3. Love it!
  4. I love it too!
  5. very cute, congrats!
  6. Nice!:tup: I love the embossing :yes:.
  7. Cute and double cute. I saw this have great taste
  8. Thanks!! I think a lot of people waitlisted for it, so I was very lucky to get one right away! ;)

    I think I'll try to take pics of the wallets and scarfs I bought soon hehe
  9. Congrats! I got one too but ended up returning it because I was specifically looking for a bright gold bag. It is so cute though!!!
  10. That's so pretty :biggrin:
  11. so adorable!! congrats! do you mind if i ask how much it is?
  12. cute! why don't I know what this is though?? IS it a wallet, a pochette.....what?!?!
  13. Um, it's a purse (slightly bigger than a clutch). It has a chain, that you can sort of see in the pics.
  14. Very pretty! Congratulations!
  15. Congrats!! very pretty!! modelling pics pls..............