And I found another twiggy....LOL

  1. and I found another you go....:yes: :roflmfao: (I love the smileys)


  2. Is that seafoam?! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Are you keeping this one, or selling? :graucho:
  3. yup it is seafoam!:yes: :yahoo:

    I got it this afternoon from a local friend...
  4. I need to move close to you :lol: That's a gorgeous bag :love: I know selling and trading isn't allowed, but if you ever want to sell it off, PM me and I'll give you my information :shame:
  5. Another seafoam! *faints*
    Now why can't I find one?? :cry:
  6. Love that color - someday I WILL find a bag in that seafoam lol.
  7. percephonie you'll get your seafoam bag soon don't worry!:shame:

    twinklette im sure you will!!!! and I think a seafoam bag will be a lovely addition to your lovely collection:yahoo: (i love this smiley!!! this makes me laugh)
  8. Oh gosh, I'm drooling! seafoam fever!

    Congrats!!! You are so lucky. I am jealous and depressed right now. hehe :shame: ;)

    No, but really, I am happy for you. Congrats again!!
  9. I think I am going to the Phillipines just to pick the balenciagas - they seem to grow on trees over there. ;)
  10. WOWWWW ..... GORGEOUS :biguns: color !! CONGRATS honey ... you're the GREATEST, you know !? ;):yahoo::king: !!?? HUGS :heart::flowers:
  11. awww, it's so cute! and in such a pretty color too.
  12. congrats nhelle! definitely keep this one! :biggrin:
  13. Nhelle! Its a dream. KEEEP IT!!
  14. *faints*
    I think I'm gone to B-Bag heaven everytime I see your collection Nhelle! :love: :yahoo:
  15. I'm going with you, Loganz!!!! You're absolutely right about that!!