...and I continue to convince everyone to buy LV...

  1. Here was my post in response to "Is $900 too much for a Jimmy Choo Morgan?":

    "The other issue is, JC just finished a huge sale, and their handbags on sale can go for 50% off. So even though your friend bought it for full retail, she has to acknowledge that someone else may have had the opportunity to buy it for half that. I don't think you can discount from the full retail price; I think you have to discount from the sale price (because that's what any reseller who bought at the lower price will be selling at). You're currently selling for about half of full retail; about half of a 50%-off price would be in the $500 neighborhood."

    ...which is of course one major source of my OBSESSION with LV: Never goes on sale = never feel bad about paying full price.

    PS for those keeping track: 4 pounds down, 6 to go till I get my Stephen!!
  2. I also like the fact that LV never goes on sale!
  3. LOL I do these things all the time.

    YAY!! Im so excited for you, I am currently living my weight loss/ stephen obsession fantasy through you.
  4. I love how LV never goes on sale
  5. Hope the day NEVER COME when LV goes on sale..:tup::graucho:
  6. wow, 4 lbs already? that's fantastic; keep it up lady!