And hubby wonders....

  1. why my purse is so heavy. I could really move up to a 35-easy! :roflmfao:
  2. Why is it so heavy ?
  3. umm Yeah, a picture would help! LOL:shame:
  4. Agh My picture won't load!
  5. I was looking at your post and thought hmmm i'm missing something ... or is it heavy because she's putting her small children in there (LOL)
  6. Whew Finally. Sorry. Now it kinda lost the "funny" factor. :sad:

  7. LOL- That's a thought! Maybe a keepall then!?! Hmmm... lol
  8. WOW you sure can fit a lot in your speedy!!! Love your bag! Ummm, yea, I guess you could go up a size or two...LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  9. oh my you have that baby stuffed :smile: :nuts:
  10. Wow, that's one full bag.
  11. LOL! Could you possibly fit anymore LV Into your LV!?
  12. Next stop, Speedy 35...:wlae:
  13. wow..fully loaded speedy..
  14. when my speedy 30 arrived I was like...ohh no they sent me the 25 but, sure enough under the flap it said 30...I kept it...I need a smaller bag but, really wished that I had went with a speedy is full like yours....I hate downsizing has never works for an everyday bag for me...
  15. how come you have so many different lv pouches?! makeup?! coin?! wallet?! what's the others?!

    soryr if I'm nosy...:shame: