And how was your day?

  1. Hey girls. I decided to start this thread to kind of give a chance for purse forumers to get to know eachother beyond the hustle and bustle of documenting and purchasing (gorgeous) Balenciaga bags! I'm very new to this forum, but I was quite surprised by how inciteful, kind, and sweet everyone on this forum seems to be. We're quite a community--bound together by the love of Balenciaga. So how was your day girls? How is life and most importantly how are YOU! The day's successes, the day's woes, all the bad and all the good, spill!

    :heart: Morgan
  2. Well I had a good friend ask me that today and when I finished answering she said, so life is really good for you right now!
    It made me stop and think, Oh, wow, it really is!
    I am so very Thankful how Blessed I am :flowers:
  3. ^^^You're so sweet for thinking to do this! My day was the usual but this evening was great. My 5 year old just started to play ice hockey! It was his third time playing but it was the first time I got to see him play! It was really cute! My older son has autism so we never got to do this kind of an activity~ it was very special to see my younger son play a sport! My older son (who has autism) came with us to watch his brother play ice hockey. It was even more gratifying to watch him cheering for his brother! It was so adorable! Oh- I had my Bbag there with us of course!
  4. it was a good day! I had fun at work (middle school teacher) because we had a pep rally for our fall sports teams. I love seeing all the kids cheer each other on and show their school spirit. :yahoo:
  5. I had a great day because I got the results of my maths exam from university back and I made it (86%) which is a miracle for me because I do have really difficulties to understand it. Thanks to DH who put me through this and patienlty explained it to me and worked with me for 6 weeks and then I came back from work and my Chloe Betty was already waiting for me. I was so lucky to find her because it's from spring 06 and I got her for half price, even better.
    But myy last months have been horrible because my boss is harrassing me and even that HR and the big bosses know they don't do much about it, other than watch. I set them an ultimatium: Him or me and gave them 4 weeks time and now they#re starting to do something about it but it's to late. I'll quite next week and now they're coming and begging for more time. I'll can't stay the situation anymore because I work there for more than 3 years and my boss is treating me like dirt, calling me names, controlling with who I go out for lunch with etc and enough is enough. Myy company will have a problem when I'm gone because I'm the one who's actually doing the job of my boss and they know it and that's why they're scared now. But too little, to late. I'm at the point where I don't sleep nor eat anymore and cry for little reason, basically I'm a basket case and I have to get out of this situation.
    But after I made the decision I'm feeling better and I'm just waiting this more week because I promised it.
    But nevertheless I have you guys and the shallow obsesion for bags that helps it a lot.
    Sorry for such a long post.
  6. Hi Morgan. It is very sweet of you to start this thread! :love:
    I'm happy to hear that everyone's day went so well! :flowers:

    Zac - That game must have been so fun for all of you!! :smile:

    Tanja - I'm sorry to hear what you've been going through at work. Hang in there, and we're here anytime you need to vent!

    As far as my own, it was great - I just found out that my favorite baseball team (the A's) are moving on in the divisional playoffs! :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo:
    I also have one week left till my trip to Europe! I'm so excited, but there's still so much left to do. I know next week will be stressful trying to get everything done, but I'll just take it one day at a time and do the best I can.
  7. I like this thread already! My day was ok. I helped my cousin study for her art test on thursday! I need to start studying for my bio test! But my week was not bad, not good. My best friend, send me an e-mail, saying that she wanted a break from me because we talked to much and she got tired of it. But according to her we are still very close friends! I did feel a llittle hurt because I went to the ER on last friday, and she acted like she didn't care. I have known her for the past 7 years! Now I see she is getting closer, and talking to other people while to me she hasn't even called me, or anything. So yup, that was my week.
  8. CATE- OMG! I hope your trip to Europe is the BEST!!!!:yahoo: Most importantly though...what bags are you bringing????:shrugs:

    Tanja~ Yes- get away from your mean boss! He'll realize he lost the best employee he ever had! Maybe he can learn from his mistakes!:yes:

    Impsola- sorry to hear about your bf! That's no way to be treated! Are you ok- you went to the ER? Hope you are well!:flowers:

    morganchase1- how was your week???? Do tell! WELCOME to the PF!:welcome:
  9. hey girls i got my first balenciaga bag today!
    I'm obsessed! It's a cornflower blue first.

    I wanted to get the blueberry first, but when I went to the store, I don't think they had it, at least not on display. They did have the blueberry city, but I didn't have enough money to get that. But I love my new bag it's so soft and pretty! Oh material satisfaction. I guess we all have the superficial character within us after all. :smile:

    I'm going on a weekend trip so I have to pack and catch a plane later today, but as soon I get back I will post pictures. If any other pf-ers are planning on flying tonight (JFK) and you see a girl at the airport with a cornflower first bag, holler cuz it's probably me! haha. I don't usually use that word.


  10. aawww this is so cute.. let me write my day...

    well i woke up and i have been on here since... :nuts:

    hehe nothing yet productive has been done... except looking at Balenciaga bags... hahahah ... so sad... :wtf: :wtf:
  11. what a nice it:smile:

    im really tired from a long exhausting day( full of bbag hunting and pretending to work..;)

    finally nightime ova here in vienna..time to cudle up and sleeeeep:flowers:
  12. Thats very sweet of you to ask. Here it is 2:20 and my day was supposed to be all about cleaning out kitchen cabinets and closets and bringing stuff to Goodwill because we are moving to N. Scottsdale, AZ in 2 months...yet, here I sit. Oh, I was a teeny bit productive. I went a mailed a Chloe bag to a very nice PF buyer, went to Del Taco and ate lunch in my car (addicted to their fries), was supposed to go get my nails done, but my girl took today off...yet, here I still sit. Maybe I'll clean out closets, etc tomorrow..maybe. I'm off MOnday too, maybe that would be a good day...gees...and here I sit.
  13. Hi everyone ;)
    My day was very good. It's my mum birthday and we had luch together:P . My daughter sang happy birthday to her in spanish and english and then we had a massive chocolate fudge cake with ice cream :angel: . I love weekends as my husband is off and we can go out as a family :yes: :heart: :love: