And how do YOU like your bambino?

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  1. Lately I've fallen in love with the bambino design - it's just so adorable. I'm a sucker for small bags, especially... and when you see a toki with awesome print placement on a bambino... it's the best thing ever! I have yet to buy one, though, which is quiteeee sad D:

    I'm questing for an amore or an arancia bambino. I was wondering, though, what everyone thought of the bag itself... and for those who have it, how is it? :yes:
  2. I love the Bambino. It's a nice size when you want to carry the necessities but don't want alot of bulk. And it's a cute style bag to carry.:tup:
  3. Do you have a denaro to go with your bambino? How well does it fit inside? This is something I've wondered about for awhile now~
  4. i like it for when i walk to the store at lunch and don't want to carry much with me...just wallet, keys and ipod. the best thing about mine is that it has my favorite characters on the front and back, and the sushi guy on the bottom.
  5. Which print is your bag in?
  6. paradiso...i never thought i'd get a bambino, but it had the kids and the snowman on both sides--centered. couldn't put it down. :yahoo:
  7. Yes I do and it fits perfectly. I can fit a Denaro, my cellphone, pill box, pen, keys, tissues, ipod nano, and a few other misc items inside. The Bambino is able to hold a lot more than it looks like it would at first glance.
  8. bambino is perfectly kyoot! n i stuff a whole hell a lot into it too! n even though its small, if its got the character that u want on it, that makes it all worth it!
  9. Bambino is wayyy to small for me. I hate it. I will never buy a bambino again. But, I love my spiaggia bambino...but I just can't use it...I thought I could, but :sad:
  10. I have a citta rosa bambino and I only bought it cuz I didn't have anything in citta rosa at the time. It's still my only citta rosa item so I love it. I haven't used it at all tho because I think it's way too small for me to actually use.

    I had also bought a foresta bambino but I'm returning it today because I don't need 2 small bags.
  11. i don't own a bambino but i love how cute it is.

    i've tried out the size IRL at the stores. it's such a small bag so it's hard to get much prints on it - such a pity, but i do think it will hold enough for a travel-light day out and i really like it (esp. the 2 zipper slots).

    one day when i find the perfect placement for any print that i don't already have (old or upcoming), i'd love to get one, for sure! :heart:
  12. These bags are pretty cute but why cant they have a long shoulder strap.Then it would be more practical.In saying that i would probably still buy one:yes:
  13. My Bambino works well for me. I usually prefer small bags, though. My only complaint is that the zippers can be frustrating sometimes.