And here's my French Blue City...........

  1. [​IMG]

    The leather on this baby is INCREDIBLE!!!! I was really pleasantly surprised and the color is gorgeous! I'm so happy! I didn't know what to expect from this color because photos varied. But I really played with this photo and the color (at least on my monitor) is accurate. It is a beautiful blue!:love:
  2. Wow, it's gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!!
  3. That colour is TDF!!!! Congrats!!!
  4. I was just saying in your other post how I was looking forward to seeing your french blue pics and here they are! Another stunner what a great day to get two beautiful bags! The leather looks great too :yes:

    That's it - french blue is on my list!
  5. Such a pretty color! Congrats!
  6. That colour is amazing and the leather looks divine!
  7. OMG your bag is beautiful and the color is to die for
  8. Gorgeous city!!!!:nuts: I'm crazy about that color! Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!
  9. wow that gorgeous !! congrats! pls post pic wearing your beautiful french blue i love it :smile:
  10. Wow I cant wait now for my french blue twiggy to arrive!!!!
  11. Beautiful handbag!
    You are very lucky!
  12. Congrats again!! This bag is so freaking gorgeous!!!

    It's looks like a brighter Cornflower in your pics. Beautiful!

    Thanks again for posting!
  13. So pretty and the leather DOES look great. I love distressed non-veiny leather!
  14. What a beauty!
  15. TDF! Congrats, again, on such a beautiful Bbag...