And here we have the Hudson in black!

  1. Got my bag today and love it! I said in baghound's thread that although I adore the black and it's the most practical for me (in a structured bag), I think you Chili girls will go nuts! All three compartments on mine are teal leather and the trim behind the straps on the front are a really dark, shiny brown. Overall heavy but so great looking! I had a hard time capturing it because the flash adds so much sheen but here's about the best I could do...

    Hudson 1.jpg Hudson 2.jpg Hudson 3.jpg Hudson 5.jpg
  2. That is one sharp looking bag!
  3. Great job with the pictures; they show the bag very well, especially the second and third shots! LOVE IT! Congratulations, fellow Hudson owner! :smile:
  4. CONGRATS! LOVE IT! I will be joining the HUDSON club this week..LOL!
  5. Congrats on a nice bag:P
  6. Thanks ladies! I can't get over the green it!
  7. I love the contrast of the teal and black. Beautiful bag. I went to Saks today and they were sold out already.
  8. Can you fit the straps over your shoulder?
  9. Really lovely, Glimmer! And that's smooth leather inside, as opposed to suede? Wow! :nuts: Maybe that's why it's sans magnetic closure in the main everybody can spy that cool smooth teal leather! The brown leather behind the straps really gives it a nice detail that is lost on the solid black (IMO, of course). Very cool. :supacool:
  10. harlem_cutie: Wow, really? I didn't even know Saks had them in yet!

    Tin: Not so much. It's not comfy that way but I guess it could fit...very snuggly though.

    Sick (LOVE your name, btw!): Yes, the contrasting brown straps really add to it. And to think that I wanted it to be black on black at first. The interior is definitely smooth leather, not suede. So unusual, I've never seen an MJ bag with a non-suede or canvas interior!
  11. Glimmer!
    :nuts: Thanks for posting pics! You're right - totally going nuts over here. It's gorgeous - love the teal lining!!!
  12. Every time I see photos of this bag I want it even more! The leather interior is to die for and the exterior is so dang gorgeous. This is not in my budget yet I already put myself on the waiting list at Nordies...
  13. OMG. I love it. congratulations. i would so love to see a picture of you wearing it. can you please post one?
  14. Congratulations! I saw this bag today at Fred Segal and I was drooling all over it. The pictures can't do enough justice to show the beauty of this bag. The teal leather inside is amazing too. I saw the bowler of this bag and that is TDF. I think I'm gonna hold out to get that one, it fits better over the shoulder too.
  15. doulos: Sorry, I tried to take a pic of me wearing it but the results were horrifying. :nuts: Did you see cutie baghound's pic wearing her Chili bag?

    thithi: Is the bowler the one that BG calls the "Trish satchel"? I wanted to hold out to see that one in person but couldn't take it! Is it th is one or a different one?