and here the pics of the etoupe...

  1. the box...
  2. More, lol!! I love reveals!!x
  3. dustbag...
  4. excited!
  5. Oh I love etoupe:woohoo:!!! Do hurry!
  6. the handle...
  7. Etoupe swift right? HEAVENLY.... lesse lesse!! :graucho:
  8. and here it is!
    ETOUPE3.jpg ETOUPE4.jpg
  9. It's a Birkin 30!! OMG!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Fthen the collection:
  11. Yes ! it was a love at first sight!:heart::love:
  12. Wow, its a wonderful bag!! etoupe looks great in swift!! Thanks for sharing!x
  13. And finally a modelling pic, before going to sleep...
    I didn't use it yet, just took it for the photo. Today i was wearing the gold birkin.
    Maybe i will take iout next saturday... still thinking if i will or wait for a special occation:rolleyes:
    clara.jpg clara2.jpg
  14. Beautiful!
  15. thank you! i will post more pics when i decide when to use it for the first time!