And here is the QUILTED GREY ALYONA!!! ::applause::

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  1. Brand-spanking new!!!!!!!!!!!! Without the flash is truer to color - like a graphite really. With the flash it looks more taupe - which is isn't IRL
    And my Quilted Grey Zip Clutch from Shopbop! They match perfectly!
    :graucho::graucho::graucho: :heart:I'm in love!:love::love::love: do we like it in comparison to the Truffle Margot ?? (last pic) thanks!
    (some wanted comparison pics from my other post on the Margot)
    IMG_1733 [800x600].JPG IMG_1732 [800x600].JPG IMG_1736 [800x600].JPG IMG_1734 [800x600].JPG IMG_1741 [800x600].JPG
  2. so so pretty! you should probably give it to me though since we're such good friends. :smile: enjoy!
  3. Love the Alyona! Sorry but the other bag just does not compare to it. Enjoy!
  4. Yikes, they're stunning congrats take the tags off and show her off :smile:
  5. Gorgeous!!! Love both of the greys...but I am especially envious of your grey quilted zc...they are nowhere to be found.

    Anyway, the alyona really stands out when compared to the margot...
  6. Oh I LOVE that bag kooba - CONGRATS!!:woohoo:

    I tried finding an Alyona on sale before Xmas and 2nd markdowns but had no luck. I never even tried after 2nd markdowns - I figured they'd be all gone. I'm so happy you found that & at such a GREAT price!!!

    I saw Sep w/this bag at the MbyMJ store here in Chicago and its such a beauty - I told her how much I luved it and you're gonna get just as many compliments on her - It's such a perfect neutral color that goes w/everything! Congrats again!!:smile:
  7. What a stunning bag--congrats!! Love the ZC too!
  8. I like the alyona!!! I also, think that the grey is a year round color. Personally, I'd return the margot and see if I could catch it on sale later.
  9. I love the Alyona. It is a beautiful bag. I definitely like the shape better than the Margot. I love the Truffle color of the Margot, though.
  10. The Alyona is just gorgeous! Color, style, everything. Personally I prefer the Alyona, enjoy!
  11. My eyes are green with envy!!! Such a gorgeous for such an awesome price!! Congrats!
  12. What a gorgeous gray! You are so lucky! :girlsigh:
  13. Soo Gorgeous!
  14. Love, love, love the Alyona and zip clutch!! It is a gorgeous, classic, set. It definitely gets my vote!
  15. So, so, so beautiful!! I can't believe how great the ZC looks with it. Congratulations lovekoobabags and here's your applause!!!