And here I go again!


Multicolore What?

  1. Franges Speedy

  2. Gracie

  3. Both!

  4. Neither. Save your money for something more worth it.

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  1. I thought my Discontinued List would end my buying of bags for a while, but clearly I was wrong. I still have two bags left on the list to get, and now I'm adding one (or maybe two) more :wacko:!


    I don't know how I suddenly decided that I liked the Multico Franges Speedy, but I did anyway :shrugs:. I didn't like it at first because I thought it had too many 'frills and fancies', but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it, and as usual, I only thought of getting it when it's close to selling out :mad:. I only like the Multicolore line in white, so if I got the Speedy it would, naturally, be the white one. And I have to get this off eBay, because the 866 told me yesterday that there are only black Buckets left :cry:.


    I also like the Multicolore Gracie :drool:, which I am well aware has been discontinued for a long time now. I'm also not sure how I started liking this, because my mom bought the black one when it first came out, and at that time I didn't like it because I thought it had such an odd shape :weird:. There's one on eBay right now at a pretty good price, and it's been relisted many times before, so if I really want it I can still get it. The only thing is, I didn't realize how big it is; I don't remember it ever being so big when I saw my mom carry it -- or maybe she could just pull it off. Do you think it will be too BIG as an evening bag, since it seems a bit too much as a casual bag?

    And now for the crucial questions:
    • Which one should I get first or at all?
    • Should I get both?
    • Do I really need either one at all?
    franges speedy.jpg gracie.jpg
  2. i was one of the few who loooooves the finge line, so i suggest you go for the speedy, but i love te gracie too and its avaliable go and snap it up! then start the hunt for the speedy lol
  3. Agree with naughtmanolo. Fringe Speedy all the way. :heart:.
  4. but both bags are available on eBay now :crybaby:

    so which should i get first?
  5. I'd get the Gracie first...the speedy will probably still be around * and maybe under retail by then* once you've got enough saved, while this might be pretty much it for the Gracie...
  6. I love the Gracie! Yeux, honestly you could rock either of these bags with your amazing style, but I think the gracie is better for the long's edgy but with a more timeless look to it.
  7. do you think the Gracie is too big, though? it's too fancy to be used as a casual bag, but is it too big to be an evening bag?
  8. ^^^ Ditto. Get the Gracie then the Fringe IMO.
  9. The gracie is just so beautiful and striking!!!!

    Its got my vote!
  10. Go for the Gracie!!

    The speedy, although unique, is less pratical in the long run. And there are other unqiue speedys to come and this one is, to me, not all that grand.

    Gracie's design seems truely unique and seems to really stand out as being apart from the rest. Let us know what you decide!:smile:
  11. go for the speedy!!! I think it's sooo unique and a great collectors item!! unless you plan on using it regularly though...
  12. ditto!... get the speedy it is tdf!:nuts:
  13. can i sk you somethign yeux? we all know you will get both so stop the act and go get 'em both girl!!!! close you eyes and whichevery bag you can imagine yourself holding is the bag you shuld get!
  14. It's very tough for me to choose only one :sweatdrop: too
    At 1st time of launch, I also thought Speedy is quite fancy :yes: but when I saw Franges Speedy on others' arms :nuts: I change my mind :yahoo: it's so cute and gorgeous :love:

    One vote for Speedy :graucho:

    IMO, Gracie isnt big enough for my many stuffs :P
    Maybe you should try on your mom's bag, shouldnt you?!?! :smile:
  15. i voted for the Franges Speedy at first i thought OMG what the hell is that??? but now after seeing lots of pics and PF-ers wearing their Franges Speedy,i like it!!!
    good luck on what you decide, yeuxhonnetes!!!