..And For Your Viewing Pleasure-The Campana!

  1. So, I had a talk with a BV SA today and I wanted to show you one of my all time favorite styles, and many of you know well: The Campana, which comes in the woven or Catalano leather. These are the small size. I am mourning the loss of my black Catalano Campana:crybaby: (I kept the woven one in Ebano) and I'm contemplating on getting a new one. It's plain, and extremely understated, I know, but GREAT leather and very durable for work. Or, I'm thinking about getting it in the black woven, but then I'd have two duplicates in different colors- I don't know:confused1:. I'd also love to get the New Ball, but the Campana in Catalano leather is considerably less.

    Just thought I'd share a picture of the two side by side:
  2. Here's a picture of the Catalano Campana next to the New Ball for a size comparison:
  3. Thanks for the photos! The bags are gorgeous :heart: I think my next bag will be the small campana in woven leather :drool:
  4. decision decision. i think i learn that to be really hard with BV. I always narrow down to like maybe 2 of them and i will find a million reasons to convince myself that I need both.

    I like them both-the new ball looks a little more structured than the campana. but then again i love the campana too :smile:
  5. Gorgeous bags, all of them. Since you already have the woven in ebano, I like the plain campana and the new ball. Does the campana hold a little more than the ball?
  6. Marly, I too love the Campana! I use mine in limo everyday and find it so versatile. It goes with any outfit and looks awesome day or night. If there were any magnolia campanas left in the world, I would totally get it!
  7. The old (classic) Ball holds a bit more than the small Campana. I don't know about the New Ball, because I don't have one.....yet.:rolleyes:

    The Large Campana holds a ton, but it's a bit too big for me.
  8. Oooooo, TOUGH decision!! :shrugs: Sorry, I'm of no help, I love them all!!
  9. I'm def. biased to the Campana, and it looks like a great everyday bag in the Catalano. Is there a particular reason you gave it up?
  10. I was using a black pebbled leather tote for work, and another black bag ( that has very similar leather as the BV Catalano) and I felt I really didn't need the black Campana as well. Plus, I wanted the money at the time for other things, so I started scaling back. It was the stupidest thing I ever could of done.:noggin:
  11. Hey Marly, I can’t view the pics at work (firewall). Since I’m not a fan of the ball I’d say go with the Campana (need to see the pic of the Catalano). But I recall you ever mentioned something about the Catalano being heavy? Is that because it was the large?
  12. Oh ouija, please please post a pic of the Limo Campana. I've not seen one before and I bet its gorgeous. Puhleeeeese...
  13. ^^Yes, I had a large one as well. In the Catalano leather, the large Campana was way, way too heavy for me. Even empty on my arm it was heavy. It's a really big bag as well. The smaller size is not that heavy, IMO, and a perfect everyday size.
  14. Go for the Campana then. Imo, it looks quite different from the woven Campana being in Catalano – so it wouldn’t seem like you have 2 of the same style, which I think is perfectly fine if you really really love the style. Having said that, if you rather have a totally different design for diversity then the new Ball would be nice too (prefer that then the classic Ball). Am not really helping much am I? Ok, I shall stop rambling.
  15. Get the catalano or new ball, since you already have the woven campana in ebano. The catalano will be much more durable for everyday use. The new ball looks so nice but doesn't look very comfortable to wear. Have you tried it on, yet? How does it wear on you?