And for my next bandeau...

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Which bandeau should i buy?

  1. LoVe

  2. Etoile in pink

  3. White MC

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. You decide!

    I already have a groom in yellow and :heart: it so much im going to get another one. So the options are: LoVE, etoile in pink or white MC. Please vote :tup:
  2. Something about Pink gets me everytime!
  3. LVOE or Etoile. Wait on the white MC because you can buy it anytime.
    And actually I'd go with the LVOE first...they are not always available and will probably run out faster than the Etoile.
  4. LOVE definitely, check elux NOW!!!!!!!!
  5. Hahaha I'm biased to all 3 because I have all 3! But I'd go with either the LVOE or the Etoile...probably the LVOE first.
  6. Go for the pink etoile -- so gorgeous!
  7. i love the look of the etoile bandeau, i would get that first. Otherwise the LoVe one. You can get the MC one anytime
  8. white mc!
  9. the two first are easier to accessorize as you'd have to worry about too much monogram with the MC one.
  10. id get the love bandeau
  11. I vote for LVOE first.
  12. I voted for the pink one as I really like it. Hopefully it will be my next one!
  13. I voted for the pink etoile. It looks goregous.
  14. I love the LoVe- but the etoile is nice too!
  15. I was worried that the LoVe might be seen as 'an older persons bandeau' only 17. Or is that just me worrying too much?