And for dinner, TTucker will be eating her foot. Check out the new bag...

  1. A few days ago, I posted about my sister and how she was looking to buy herself a Bbag but was new at the whole process. As is the norm with siblings, when she'd asked me to check out this one Caramel bag she liked and badgered me for my opinion (as well as bring it to you guys and get *your* opinions) well, let's just say she may have well asked me to walk across the continental United States to get her a bagel, I was so exasperated. :whistle: She was really insistant about it, and I got a little annoyed.

    And I may have posted something along the lines of this:

    Anyways.... guess what arrived at my door today? Yes, a Caramel Twiggy, purchased BY my sister, FOR me. I was like, :wtf:! Needless to say I am totally shocked and feel like the official Worst Sister in the World. Now her persistence about it makes so much more sense. I have been had some health issues in the last year that I was facing again last week, and my sister said it was a "bravery bag" :blush:
    Although my heart is set on an Ink Twiggy, this bag is worth a million Bbags because of all the LOVE behind it!

    The moral of the story: Always be sweet to your family!

    I've attached a few pictures of the bag... she did pretty well, especially for a newbie! ;)
    carmel with box.jpg no flash.jpg on arm.jpg
  2. OMG!!! That is so sweet of your sis!!! That bag is gorgeous!!! I LOVE that color!!! Hope you are feeling well!
  3. OMG!!! thats soooo sweet of her! yay!! I :heart: 05 caramel! ;) congrats!!
  4. YAY for sweet siblings and family!
    the bag looks fab on you!! i love the twiggy.
    btw, try some pepper with that foot. it'll be tastier that way ;)
  5. Oh that is so sweet of her! Congratulations and it's just stunning! Looks fabulous on you too. Best wishes for a healthy year.

    I wish you well,

  6. is gorgeous! What a sweet sister you have :heart: Wear the bravery bag in good health!

    By the way, I love the title of your thread :lol:
  7. Awwwwwwwww!!!! That made me mist up a little, how incredibly sweet of her!
  8. what a wonderful story...the bag itself is beautiful and looks gorgeous on you and your sister is so sweet...wishing you much health and happiness now and always!
  9. I am so touched by what your sister did; that is so sweet! I hope you are feeling better soon and enjoy your beautiful new bag!
  10. This is the sweetest thing I have heard all day :love: ENJOY it, and it is gorgeous (as you know) - I am so happy for you!!!!! :heart:
  11. You two are so lucky to have each other! How wonderful to have a gorgeous bag that also is incredibly meaningful? Best wishes to you!
  12. Aww, that's the sweetest story i've read all day...that was so nice of your sister.Wish my sister would surprise me like that:girlsigh: Anyways Congrats on your new's absolutely gorgeous!
  13. TT - that was such a sweet gesture from your sister! Best of luck to you and thanks for sharing!! :heart:
  14. Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  15. TT--great story. You should list this bag in the sentimental favorite thread!