and finally...a Ulysee!!!

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  1. so yesterday i went to my local H store still indecisive about the color. my SA was so nice she lay everything before my eyes again with all choice of refills the store has as well (the store is always empty anyway,so they have nothing to do :p)

    finally, i made a very simple decision.a newbie of H should starts by owning any leather item with a color of.....
    the original ORANGE of course!!!

    and i bought 2 types of refills along.(the transparent one comes with a lined pad but the brown one is not....) and knowing that price of any Hermes will increase annually, i personally think it's worth it.

    and about the Ulysee. im soo loving it. the smell of a Togo leather, the look of it. it will just cheer u up!

    ps: i also had a chance to take a look at this one medium size sling bag for men that was made out of horse's hair. it was beautiful! do u guys know that bag? wut d'u guys think of it?
  2. The Ulysse is wonderful, isn't it? I love all the colors - it is so hard to choose! :heart: And togo leather...there is nothing like the scent of togo!

  3. congrats!:tup: more H to come;)
  4. congratulations on your ulyssee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hermes does lovely small leather goods and for the horsehair, i love all their work they do with it. great choices and enjoy in good health!!!!!!!!!:tup::tup::tup:
  5. Enjoy your Ulysse! I love mine :heart:
  6. owh actually that post should come up with pictures and i don't think it did. pixx are coming up soon!
  7. Now the pics are showing! Gorgeous Ulysse!
  8. Lovely, congrats! What did you get from Chanel?
  9. Beautiful!! I have the same one and I use it nearly every day! :tup:
  10. Congratulations, i have a blue jean ulysee, and i love it (with the painting´s on the leather, inside cover from my son!) it´s fantasic to use, easy and simple. Have fun with it!
  11. Congrats on your new Ulysee! And yes I agree that every Hermes lover should own a little bit of "the" orange!
  12. OhOh! I just smelled my little Togo notebook for the first time after reading that. The togo scent truly IS special. Looks like the OP made a good choice on colours too. :smile:
  13. i got a gym bag from the latest season. ill post pixx soon on the Chanel thread.:yes:

    me too!! i carry it to almost everywhere. one thing special about H items, it doesn't really screams the brand (talk about exclusive & elegance:p) so people always give that 'wondering' look when they saw my lovely Ulysee.hiks!~
  14. congrats! i've got one in gold.
  15. Congrats... Love it