And Fergie's Mom Couldn't Have Asked Her That, I Don't Know, AFTER the Interview?

  1. Fergalicious humiliation

    Tue 17 Jul 6:22 PM

    Cheeky singer Fergie was left red faced after being quizzed about her sexual antics by her mother who phoned in during a live radio interview.
    The normally brash Black Eyed Peas singer was being interviewed by E! News and American Idol presenter Ryan Seacrest for his LA radio show. Fergie's mum had heard about the stripper pole installed in the bedroom Fergie shares with her Transformers star boyfriend Josh Duhamel in their LA home.

    After leaving her daughter to sweat for a minute, she joked "After a year…if you're not using that pole anymore, just turn it horizontal and you can use it as a guard rail for me."

    Fergie's latest song is called Big Girls Don't Cry but it sounds like he mum could probably bring her close to tears.

  2. hahaha!! it's great how fergie's mom has sense of humor! :p
  3. Leave it to mom to embarass...
    too funny
  4. Hahaha! Oh mummy!
  5. Wow talk about awkward moment!
  6. I was listening to that interview and couldn't help but love Fergie's mom :p
  7. Funny!
  8. That's hilarious!:roflmfao: